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Check picture from picture box same with picture from resources
by crazy2383 in Programming Languages

I got problem..

When user click CLEAR PHOTO, my picture box will change picture to picture "no_photo"..

That it`s my code

private void btnClearPhoto_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
picEmp.Image = chuki2_spp.Properties.Resources.no_photo;

And when user modify current records. It will check photo i

Display progress bar until picture uploaded, then replace div with picture - Jquery File Upload
by DougoMan in Programming Languages

I followed the Railscast by Ryan Bates (http://railscasts.com/episodes/381-jquery-file-upload?view=comments) to add multiple file upload with the Jquery File Upload gem and everything works great, but I was wondering if it would be possible to put each progress bar in its own div on the screen, and then when the photo is finished uploading have it replace the progress bar. Something like this (

How to Link a Small Picture to a Larger Picture in a Separate Browser Window
by Bas in Internet
When displaying images on your webpage, create a "zoom" effect with your photos so that when a user clicks on the initial picture, she is taken to a new window that contains a bigger view of the graphic. This is an effective method for displaying media because littler images work better in a page layout; however, if you need to present more detail, offer your visitor this functionality.

How to Upgrade From Microsoft Picture It! Express to the Vista-Compatible Picture It! Premium
by Tennessee in Computers
With Microsoft Picture It! Premium you can quickly and easily import your pictures to your computer. Once the pictures have been uploaded, you can then edit your photos, adjust the brightness and contrast, fix a red eye or blemishes, enhance the color of the pictures, even get rid of scratches from old photos. Once your pictures have been touched up, you can share your photos with your friends thr

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Between Two Wall Studs When the Picture Has Only One Hanging Point
by skh in Home & Garden
Sometimes the perfect spot on the wall for a picture doesn’t coincide with the location of a wall stud. When you need to hang a heavy picture between two wall studs but the picture has only one hanging point, the hanging hardware you use will be the key to your success. Mount the hardware securely and your picture will stay right where you want it on the wall, even without a stud to anchor i

Request to fetch me/picture or userId/picture fails with latest Facebook iOS SDK
by jald in Development Tools & Services

With older versions of the Facebook SDK for iOS, I could ask for me/picture or userId/picture to fetch profile pictures. I'm getting a null response when I try this with the latest SDK.

Any idea why, and what's the best alternative if the API has changed?


How to Change the Password for Picture Mail on a Sprint Picture Phone
by swinaz in Electronics
Sprint phones with a camera or video feature are able to upload media to Sprint's Picture Mail website. The site allows you to organize your pictures and videos into albums, edit and enhance photos and share media with friends. Media is uploaded from your device, but some features are only available when you access the Picture Mail site from your computer. Changing your password is one such featur

Get length of irregular object in a BW or RGB picture and draw it into picture for control
by Alexander Schuc in Programming Languages

I face a well known problem which I am not able to solve.
I have the picture of a root (http://cl.ly/image/2W3C0a3X0a3Y). From this picture, I would like to know the length of the longest root (1st problem), the portion of the big roots and the small roots in % (say the diameter as an orientation which is the second problem). It is important that I can distinguish between fine and big root

Is there anyway to show the loaded picture without using Loader when load the picture with URLLoader
by Progdis in Programming Languages
public class NewClass extends Sprite
public function NewClass()
var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest();
req.url = "http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/708545main_pia16453-43_full.jpg";
req.method = URLRequestMethod.GET;
var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();

Picture matching from webcam pictures with picture noise problem
by vb.net in Programming Languages


I take two pictures from a webcam and split them into a 9 pieces. Then i match the pieces of the two pictures. The problem is that my webcam have a picture noise. So my programm thinks that in every piece of the second picture have chanced something.
I need a logical push to solve my problem please help.

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