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Trees With Pink Fall Foliage & Pink Leaves
by Vytautas in Home & Garden
While a number of trees sprout with pink foliage, which turns green, then gold and brown in fall, it is unusual to find a tree with pink leaves although some bushes, like the burning bush (Euonymous alatus) ends the season with hot pink color. As temperatures drop, leaves are signaled to produce hormones that change colors. The leaves are dropped to reduce the energy drain on the tree that respira

Difference Between Pink Diamonds & Pink Sapphires
by Calve Martin in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The "Dictionary of Gems and Gemology" categorizes pink diamonds and sapphires as "fancy" gemstones with "an unusually fine color grade." Cost and availability are the major differences between the stones. FeaturesSapphires and rubies are varieties of the corundum mineral. The "Dictionary of Gems and Gemology" states that pink sapphires are "pale to light red corundum" due to the presence of tra

About Pink Eye
by CodeOfficer in Health
Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye is an inflammation of the clear membrane covering the white portion of the eye and the interior lining of the eyelids. Although anyone can get pink eye children are most likely to be affected. FeaturesConjunctivitis is characterized by the pink or red appearance of the eye. The condition can be quite uncomfortable and may cause temporary blurring
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How to Fix the Pink Hue Everywhere on a CRT
by Funkwarrior in Electronics
The pink hue on a cathode ray tube (CRT) TV is the result of harmful magnetization. This magnetization causes color purity problems on the display that often appear as pink distortions. The cause of the magnetization may be a closely placed external device that is creating interference, or it may be an unrelated issue. The set can be demagnetized using either the TV's internal degausser or an exte
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Pink Scalp Cause
by aafr in Health
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How to Can Pink Salmon
by Wes in Food & Drink
Each spring, salmon fishing season opens for the anxious fisherman. The fresh fish lends itself to multiple delectable dishes. But you don't have to enjoy your catch only during the short season. With the proper equipment, you will be able to can your own salmon in the comfort of your kitchen.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Canning jars
Canning lids and rings
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What Are the Causes of Pink Eye Conjunctivitis?
by Pradeep Gowda in Health
Pink eye conjunctivitis is a type of eye infection. Because it is contagious, it is common for pink eye to spread through schools, particularly with younger children. CausesThe most common cause of pink eye conjunctivitis is a virus or bacteria. In some cases, pink eye is caused by allergies, but this form of the condition is more rare and is not contagious.
FeaturesOnce a virus or bacterium

What Does Pink Eye Look Like in Dogs?
by Russia in Pets
Dog conjunctivitis, or canine pink eye, is an inflammation of the eye and surrounding tissues. Pink eye can occur from viral or bacterial infections, parasites, infections of the eyelids, exposure to foreign objects such as chemicals, corneal diseases, certain eye diseases, or abnormalities of the eye. IdentificationThe most common sign of canine pink eye is an obvious pink appearance of the a

What Is a Pink Pearl?
by dormsbee in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
This simple question has a complex answer. A pink pearl can be a phenomenon of nature, like "The Big Pink Pearl," a baroque (free form) 470-karat gem found in 1990 by Wesley Rankin while diving at California's Salt Point State Park and valued at $4.7 million in 1991. Typically, unless a family heirloom, pink pearls are either freshwater or saltwater (Akoya) cultured pearls. Natural Pearl Format
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About Pink Diamonds
by zz64 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A pink diamond is one of the rarest and most expensive colors of diamond. It is considered a fancy diamond, and is found in a range of colors, from light to dark pink and is graded on a color scale. FeaturesA diamond with a perfect carbon molecular structure (crystal lattice) is clear in color. A pink diamond results from imperfections forming within the crystal lattice. This is unlike other ge

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