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Is there any framework or library alowing a deweloper push his pipe thru the NAT and recive it on back end as a pipe?
Category : Coding

So I have an app on 1 pc creating a pipe, local pipe. I want to take it as a stream (like only last data in it or incoming data from it) and stream its data thruover NAT (using nat traversal) to other pc somewhere ower NAT (so neather I or He has uniqe IP adress but we use nat traversal serverprogramm to comunicate) and there recive that data and create a new local pipe on that computer to othe

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How to Connect a Plastic Sink Drain Pipe to a Metal Pipe Coming Out of the Wall
Category : Home & Garden
If you own an older home, the rough-in plumbing -- or the permanent plumbing that was installed within the walls and floors as the home was being constructed -- may be made from copper, iron or brass. Many sink drain kits available in home centers are constructed from PVC, which is a form of plastic. Using a slip joint, both types of plumbing can be connected together to form a leak-free connectio

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How to Connect a Plastic Pipe to a Metal Pipe in a Wall Sink Drain
Category : Home & Garden
Although it appears impossible to connect plastic and metal pipes, a simple adapter fitting bridges the gap between dissimilar materials and pipe diameters. The easiest adapter to use for an under-sink drain assembly to wall drain connections is a flexible, rubber sleeve called a "no-hub coupling." The coupling slips over the ends of both cast iron and plastic pipes and attaches to the p

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How do you pipe output from a Ruby script to 'head' without getting a broken pipe error
Category : Operating Systems

I have a simple Ruby script that looks like this

require 'csv'
while line = STDIN.gets
array = CSV.parse_line(line)
puts array[2]

But when I try using this script in a Unix pipeline like this, I get 10 lines of output, followed by an error:

ruby lib/myscript.rb < data.csv | head

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How to Build a Pipe Inside a Pipe-Style Heat Exchanger for Water
Category : Home & Garden
A heat exchanger is an equipment used for transferring heat from one medium to another efficiently. A pipe-style heat exchanger for water is a hot water system designed to heat water at the proper temperature. When a pipe is added inside a pipe-style heat exchanger, it increases the efficiency of the equipment and saves you money.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need<

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Multiple pipe implementation using system call fork() execvp() wait() pipe() - it is simply not working
Category : Programming Languages

I need to implement my shell that handles multiple pipe commands. For example I need to be able to handle this: ls | grep -i cs340 | sort | uniq | cut -c 5. I am assuming the problem is that I am not passing output of the previous command to the input of the next command.
When I execute my code, it gives me no output. I am using this pseudo code:

for cmd in cmds

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Passing parameter with a pipe in it into a powershell script - how do I escape the pipe?
Category : Web Design

Escaping chars in powershell is just silly. I've tried everything I can find to try and escape this pipe in a parameter that I'm passing into a powershell script, but I absolutely cannot escape it. It's nuts. I make sure to pass the param in single quotes, and have tried all of the powershell/windows escape chars (`,``,,,^,^^). Any help is greatly appreciated.

Example of test script

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Linux fifo (named pipe) O_NONBLOCK breaks pipe
Category : Operating Systems

I've been writing a small program in C++ for linux using inter process communication. I had a problem when trying to read in a non-blocking way with one process and write (blocking) with another process. The issue looks like this, when the parent tries to read the pipe with O_NONBLOCK (or O_NDELAY) it never reads a single byte and when the child tries to write on the p

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Read from a named pipe in bash and pipe it into a java process
Category : Java

I have a JAVA-Jar-File which is provided by a third-party-dev.
The File reads from STDIN and writes to STDOUT.

I was able to configure the JAR-File to write to a log file instead.

But I also have to rewrite the input-source from STDIN to a named pipe, so I can send commands to the java-pocess via my own application.

I already tried this two things to rea

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How to Join a CPVC Pipe to a Galvanized Metal Water Pipe
Category : Home & Garden
Because of the escalating price of copper, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe has gained wide acceptance as an alternative to copper tubing in the plumbing industry. However, CPVC in turn is now being replaced by cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX) as the leading alternative to copper. To cater to the growing popularity of plastic tubing, the Cash Acme and Probite companies have developed

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