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How to create sub projects in Play Framework? (play#play-java_2.9.2;2.1-RC3: not found)
by patheems in Programming Languages

I want to test how sub projects work, especially how the routes of the sub project are taken into account in main project (this was not visible before).

I have read the docs here:

What have I done: (after downloading play 2.1 RC3)

Create new Java Project: play new MainProject
Difference between `play run` and `play akka start` commands in the Play Framework
by orange-man in Programming Languages

I am a bit confused and would like to an explanation.

I am using Java Play 2 with Akka actors. I start the system by using play run.

However, I just saw a video that used the command:

play akka start

to start a Play framework that supports Akka. Is this required for the Play 2?

Thanks all!

Mp3 play class play songs in list but wait till one finishes before continuing
by ruby-on-rails in Programming Languages

I am currently working off of this tutorial on playing mp3 files using c# and winforms, but I added a datagridview to list the songs, now when I click on a song in the grid it plays the song just fine but it only plays that one song, what I would like to do is once the song is done playing to move on to the next song in the list. I've tried Thread.Sleep with the audiolenght as the time but tha

How can I trigger the Spotify Play button to play when I click a link that triggers it to display?
by evisseliaib in Programming Languages

Here is the jQuery code that displays the Spotify Play button when I click the link that says "Rock the house!"

$(function() {
$('#partystart').toggle(function () {
$("#partystart").html("<a id='partystart'>Take a break</a>");
}, function () {

Android: Record video file play in my device but not play when sharing
by CodeOfficer in Programming Languages

In my app my actual requirement is record video file and share to another through mail..
But present now i am able to record video file and share that file throgh mail friends or someone... my shared file is played sometimes on real device and some other times not plaing on real device. this happens because of reducing the file size on downloading the file . may be improper encoding of a

Play 2.0 - how to make Play stop parsing the code in comments of a template?
by odunthorne in Web Design

If I have some erroneous code, commented in a *scala.html template file in Play, it gives errors on it during compilation. How to make Play understand that this is just a comment?

logging with info level in play framework 2.0.3 for java using play logger
by eroussel in Java

I would like to control the logging by configuring log level in logger.xml.

I used play.Logger with level ERROR set in logger.xml but logger with level INFO, DEBGU are also getting logged.

I have used ALogger log = play.Logger.of(Application.class); with INFO level in logger.xml but only error logs are getting logged.

I tried creating the custom logger cla

How Can I Cause Back Button to Return Directly from Google Play to my App that Launched it if Play app has Non-Empty Stack?
by postino in Programming Languages

I am launching Google Play from my App's HelpActivity as follows:

Uri uri = Uri.parse("market://search?q=pub:"Some Developer"");
Intent playIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);

Does Android send crash/freeze reports to Google's Play Store even if the app was not downloaded using the Play app?
by Prasant Jain in Android

Example: When sending a beta version to beta testers, I'll still want all of their crash/freeze reports to be sent to 'Google Play' (Former 'Android market').

Note: Such a beta version can be published by email (for example) and not downloaded using 'Google Play'. It would be installed manually by allowing 'Unknown sources'.

glDrawArrays() drops greatly when play RGB, almost need 20ms, while play RBGA well
by cakephp in Operating Systems

On iOS I use OPENGL ES to play video which is consisted of RGB, when I play directly RGB data with OPENGL ES, by my measurement glDrawArrays() need almost 20ms. But when the RGB data is transformed to RGBA, glDrawArrays cost less than 1ms. The resolution is 1024*768. Then I try to use VBO, the result is like no VBO, without transform the function glDrawElements takes more than 20ms, after trans


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