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Playing local mp3 file with AVAudioPlayer takes too long to start playing?
by Jason Lin in Mobile Programming

I am trying to play large (20-60mb) local mp3 files with AVAudioPlayer however it takes a looong time for the audio to actually start. Sometimes as long as 3-5secs. I have also noticed that it seems to lock up the UI as well so i cant even display some kind of activity indicator.

I have tried the prepareToPlay method with no success as well as the idea discussed here:


Android boolean value not doing the right thing - MediaPlayer keeps playing when it shouldn't be playing
by aafr in Programming Languages

I've created an app which starts with a main Activity. On that main Activity, there are 2 checkboxes (cbPlayMusic and cbPlaySound). When you start the game by clicking the start button,with this code:

btStart.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
Intent intent = new Intent(GobbleFishMainActivity.this, GobbleFishGame

playing a sound, waiting it to finish playing and continue (iphone)
by HokieGeek in Programming Languages

i'm new with the iphone and objective c, so far, I have been able to code some small examples.

i would like to play a sound and, continue with rest of the code when the sample finishes playing, i.e:


actually i'm getting: print hello, play the file and print world at the same time<

How to prevent my app from playing sound if device is already playing music
by Pain999 in Mobile Programming

I am developing an iPhone app that will play its own sounds at the request of the user.

My question is if the device is already playing music, how can I disable the sound within my app on launch?

I know I will have to detect if the device is already playing music, but how can I do that?

My Stereo Speaker Hums When Playing Phono But Not When Playing CDs
by Nick Durcholz in Electronics
A stereo system has the capacity to act like a giant conductor, creating a hum when music is played through the speakers. However, tracing the cause of that hum and eliminating it can be problematic, especially if it happens only when it's playing music on one input, such as a turntable, but does not happen on other inputs, such as a CD or DVD player. Ground WireA 60-cycle ground hum, or ground

AVAudioPlayer resetting currently playing sound and playing it from beginning
by the vk in Mobile Programming

I'm having an issue using AVAudioPlayer where I want to reset a player if it's currently playing and have it play again.

I try the following with no luck:

The sound plays once but then the second time i select the button it stops the sound, the third time starts the sound up again.

//Stop the player and restart it
if (player.playing) {

The Odds of Playing Craps Vs. Playing Slots
by Topher Cyll in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Slots and craps are two of the most popular games in casinos. The games are played in different ways, with slot machines being a solo game against an electronic device and craps centering around a table with many players and dealers. The house edge for each game is also significantly different as craps players enjoy better odds. Slots House EdgeThe average slot machine features a house edge of

How to Get Started Playing "Dungeons and Dragons" While Playing as a Dwarf Fighter
by jcwagers in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Dwarf fighter is an iconic character class and race combination in any fantasy setting, but particularly in "Dungeons and Dragons." Their inherent racial bonuses make dwarves well-suited to the roles of defender and damage dealer. Fourth Edition adds class powers (or exploits) that give every class the ability to vary their standard attacks, so making a dwarf fighter is more than just maxing out s

Playing video one by one or gapeless. While playing video it will blink blank
by Ernest Hill in Programming Languages

I am playing two video in VideoView sequential (one by one). While finished first video it will blink (blank screen for about very few seconds I think in milliseconds) and play second video. I know it will take some time to prepare second video. But is there any other approach or anything else that I can use to achieve this?. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

AS3: How to keep sound from playing if one is already playing?
by YBS1 in Programming Languages

Basically, when a link is clicked in the main.swf, an external swf is loaded. Each swf has a back button, which returns you to the main.swf. The problem is, when the main.swf is brought back, it starts playing the music again overdubbing the original. I've even tried linking back to a version of main.swf that doesn't have the audio code, no luck.

After googling, this code is suppose

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