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How to Generate a Box Plot, Stem-and-Leaf Plot and Q-Q Plot in SPSS or PASW Statistics
Category : Education
Box plots, stem-and-leaf plots and normal Q-Q plots are important exploratory tools that allow you to visualize the distribution of your data when performing statistical analysis. This is crucial as it allows you to get a sense of the shape of your data's distribution and search for outliers that may threaten to invalidate your statistical tests. SPSS can generate all three of these plots from you

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draw a core-plot scatter-plot with a plot point gap
Category : Development Tools & Services

Im relativly new to core plot and I stuck at some point.
I have a graph like this:

and want to draw the graph with no gap, like the red dotted line shows!
How would you do that without drawing a plot symbol at this point?
It also should be possible to connect the to points if the value in Y is different!
Has somebody dealed with that?
Thanks for

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R. Plot to specific plot in multiple-plot window?
Category : Programming Languages

If I create a multi-plot window with par(mfrow=...), is it possible to send data to a specific plot (i.e. "the one in the lower left corner") or is the plotting always necessarily sequential? Is there a package for R that does something like this?

For those that are interested, this problem arises out of the fact that R is a single-threaded application and is not ideal

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Core Plot: Pan and zoom two plot spaces along x-axis and auto-scaling both y-axes
Category : Operating Systems

I have a Core Plot chart with two line plots (plot 1 uses the y-axis on the LHS, plot 2 uses the y2-axis on the RHS) and two plot spaces (lhsPlotSpace and rhsPlotSpace).

For the initial plot set-up, I use scaleToFitPlotsto autoscale the two plots, which works as expected:

[lhsPlotSpace scaleToFitPlots:lh

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How to create multiple plots, each with same plot area size, when only one plot has axis labels?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to plot three graphs in a 1x3 layout. Only the first graph needs to have vertical axis labels, but I want all three plot areas to be exactly the same size. This would be no problem if either none or all of the graphs had axis labels. But how do I get all three graphs the same size when one has axis labels and the other two don't? I'm trying to do this in base graphics because that's what

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how to plot different datafiles, saved in certain format, into a single plot using gnuplot script
Category : Programming Languages

I have file named 1000_0.dat, 2000_0.dat,... and similarly 1000_1.dat, 2000_1.dat,... how to plot all the files into a single plot using gnuplot script?
Thanks for your help!

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How to plot two data sets having different maximum X-axis values in a single plot?
Category : Programming Languages

For example, I have two data sets showed below. Using position as X, and count as Y, how can I plot them out in different color lines within a single plot using ggplot2 geom_line?

dataset a:

position count
1 3
2 9
3 10
4 15
5 19
6 28
7 15
8 13
9 11
10 5

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Core-Plot - Is it possible to have line graph with plot symbols of different fill color
Category : Operating Systems

I've different filters that I use for plotting my graph. Based on filter selection fill color of the plot symbol changes. In the list of filters one option is "All", when user select all I want to show all the data in one line but also want to preserve fill color.

To make it more understandable,

Let's say I've three buttons, - 1)Male 2)Female 3)All

When user

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how should i move up or down the custom plot symbol drawing using Core-plot in iPhone?
Category : Programming Languages

I used to charts using core-plot framework, my requirement is draw vertical line as a plot symbol in scatter chart, i need to move up or down according the value, how should i do it?
please help me out?


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Core-Plot: y-axis labels outside initially, but inside plot subsequently
Category : Web Design

I'm using Core-Plot 0.9 and have a seemingly peculiar problem. I have an X-Y plot with labels on the y-axis. When the plot is initially displayed, the labels are correctly positioned on the tick marks (actually offset 1.0) to the left of the axis itself, which is correct.

Then, I select a new set of data to display using a UIPickerView to set the x-axis starting point and regenerate

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