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jQuery plugin and can we collate data in a method IN a plugin before actually calling the plugin?
by NextInLine in Web Design

Not sure if my question invalidates how plugins are suppose to work.

But here is my intent.

I have dynamic content on a page. Once the page is loaded, all needed data is available but the dynamic data only shows when a user clicks on certain buttons.

BUT, since a user will not click on all the buttons - when he/she clicks on any particular button I THEN want

jQuery Layer Selector type plugin or customizable List View plugin
by krismolendyke in Web Design

I'm looking for a List View type of plugin compatible for jQuery 1.3. The functionality will be similar to a layer selector that is available in GIMP for instance.

The primary use is in desktop browsers and not mobile.

jQuery mobile list view seems to do the job but its for the mobile and seems to assume that its going to be hogging the whole screen. Think of this as a

gorm-couchdb grails plugin and spring-security-core plugin integration
by VulgarDisplay in Development Tools & Services

Going to use spring-security-core for user authorization/authentication and site security. However, I'm thinking to use CouchDB as backend database (so couchdb users could authenticate through spring-security-core). Looks like we should create our own UserDetailsService and make it working through CouchDB. Same for user registation.
Could someone just give me any references to start from?

eclipse 3.5.1 (Galileo) with ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) busted! Can not install maven2 plugin! (Or any other plugin)
by nseibert in Ubuntu

I see a lot of stuff online related to fixing buttons that can't be pressed, and fixing network issues with proxies. This seems like a different problem to me, related to jem.util.0.0.0 in the case of maven2 or needed libs for other plugins.

The setup:

Eclipse 3.5.1 (Galileo) installed with apt-get.
Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) (This is running as a VM, not that is s

Maven compiler plugin, build helper plugin does not generate class files
by SpunkyJones in Programming Languages

I am trying to convert an existing project into a maven project. It has 3 modules and one of the modules has multiple source folders. http://i.imgur.com/jZCnR.png

A maven clean and install or an eclipse clean does not create the class files in the classes and test-classes folder. The project structure gets created by there are no class files there.

The following plugin

How do I link a plugin execution to a phase in maven without forcing me to specify plugin on command line
by bikefixxer in Programming Languages

I have a simple pom and added an ant-run to the compile but it only executes then when I do the following:
mvn install antrun:run
mvn install -- doesn't process the ant-run
mvn antrun:run -- doesn't process the ant-run

I thought that be linking the plugin to the lifecyce phase that the plugin would be executed when I try to achieve that phase. This is not what is ha

Eclipse plugin : remove library from bin.includes and force the plugin to depend on it during instalation
by doctorbigtime in Programming Languages

I've a library on which my plugin depends. its been added in the lib directory under the plugin project and added to bin.dir to be shipped with the plugin.

Is there a way to remove it not to be shipped with the plugin and force eclipse to search for it during installation ?

Can a non-admin user register plugin steps for an existing plugin in Dynamics CRM 2011?
by S Hall in Programming Languages

On a Dynamics CRM 2011 on-premise installation, I'd like to write some code via the SDK that would register plugin steps (sdkmessageprocessingstep entities) for a plugin that is already installed via a managed solution. However, the plugin is not installed in isolation/sandbox mode.

I know that you cannot register a non-sandboxed plugin unless you're a Deployment Manager, and that y

How can I bind plugin token with my chrome plugin for the application deployed on Google App Engine
by MD. in Programming Languages

I an developing a plugin in Chrome and the entire application is going to get deployed on Google App Engine. The programming language on the server side is Java.

I need to generate a unique key or token whenever my plugin is downloaded and need to bind the generated key through manifest file of my plugin so that I would be able to detect the request source as to which plugin sent me

Flash player debugger plugin crashes on Mac OS [tried many version of the plugin and browsers, all of them crash]
by Rida Al Barazi in Development Tools & Services

Dear All,
I recently started using Mac OS X for a flex/actionscript project and having a problem with flash player debugger plugin for the browsers:

OSX: 10.6.3
Browsers I tried: firefox, safari and chrome

Flashplayer debug "Flash Player 10 Plugin content debugger (Intel-based Macs)

Whenever I open a page containing a flash content, my browser crashes due

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