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How to export the Eclipse plugins to a folder “eclispe” with the cotent .exlipsextension and subfolder plugins
by Victorian Gray in Programming Languages

Now I develop a plug-in for WindRiver workbench. When I export my plug-in, only a xx.jar file is generated. I wonder how to export my plug-in in a folder exclipes with the content ".exlipsextension" and subfolder "plugins".

Plugins to application ( Can i control the namespace/code inside the plugins )
by seigel in Programming Languages

Im currently adding a interface to my application so other people can extend it with plugins. My application is used by MMO gamers and i will not have any control over the plugins ( In that anyone will be allowed to make them ) and i was hoping i could have some degree of control over the code in the plugins.

What im afraid of is someone making a plugin that either contains bad code

Python & PyQt4 - a program with plugins. Can't connect signals from plugins to UI
by Ubermateo in Programming Languages

I'm writing a program in Python and PyQt4 with plugins support. Plugins are loaded at startup (with __import__), adding elements to UI (i.e. adding a new tab to tab widget, methods from mainclass exposed and everything is working at this point). My problem is signal ignoring, i.e:

from lib.plugin import Plugin
from plugins.dsc.ui import dsc_main
class DSC(P

Magento - several plugins use jquery and override previously loaded plugins
by sepe in Development Tools & Services

I have Magento theme that use jQuery and several plugins. All was ok until I installed several extensions, each includes its own version of jQuery.

My problem is that new jQuery include override jQuery object and erase all previously loaded plugins.

Besides, I notice that 3rd party extensions scripts can be included in the middle of list of my scripts.


Eclipse RCP: build product able to load all plugins in plugins directory
by scott.sizemore in Programming Languages

I need to configure my eclipse product to load all features/plugins in features/plugins directory. Now my product loads just plugins that are listed in metadata, so if I export some plugin directly from eclipse tool as "deployable plugins" it's loaded in my product, but if I put a plugin jar directly in plugins directory It doesn't appear (the same if I work with features)

I simply

Maven Plugin - are plugins executable within plugins?
by Mahesh in Programming Languages

Is it possible to execute a plugin from a plugin? For instance, if I want to programmatically call another plugin from within a plugin, not via static XML.

Is this possible, how would I do that?



How to manage plugins and plugins update?
by sinisterDei in Programming Languages

I'm trying to find best way to create extensible and autoupdating application.


many standalone applications on clients machines
dlls with plugins for those standalone applications are on one internal server for example in one directory

I'd like create applications which will connect to server, ask about plugins, download plugin, use it and if any upda

Qt PluginFramework. Declare plugins with plugins
by James Lupiani in Programming Languages

I want to make an application with plugins that also can have plugins (which the main application do not need to know about). Reason is that I want to make a general IDE for some code projects, then I make a image handler plugin. I would then like the image handler plugin to have some filter plugins of its own that the main application do not need to know about. Is this possible?

Netbeans list only 91 plugins while plugins site has morethan 700, how to get all of them in the list so that they can be easily installed
by JoseWalrus in Web Design

Netbeans list only 98 plugins while plugins site has morethan 700 how to get all of them in the list. I know they can be manually installed, but that doesnt make sense to me. i guess i have to add some repository but i cant find the web address for that even if I have google several times. How can I get all 700 plugins listed on the netbeans itself.

How to Use UAD Plugins
by ugufugu in Arts & Entertainment
UAD plug-ins by Universal Audio require dedicated hardware to run. It is not possible to use UAD plug-ins in the absence of one of the dedicated UAD-2 DSP Accelerator options. Universal Audio produces hardware options to suit nearly any studio environment, from small home studios to full-scale professional environments. Their plug-ins are VST-, RTAS- and AU-compatible, making it possible to use th
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