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How to Buy and Select Deep Pocket Sheets or Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets
by Red Storm in Home & Garden
If your new mattress has an attached topper, or you've just gotten a new topper for your bed, chances are the sheets you've already got aren't going to fit anymore. Of course, you don't want to buy new sheets, only to find they're still too small. And sheets that are too big will make wrinkles on your bed -- who wants to sleep on wrinkles! Learn how to properly measure your mattress and select new

An IDE in my pocket?
by NeoTubNinja in Programming Languages

Hey all,
Does anyone know of an IDE for editing files such as PHP, HTML, and CSS through a SFTP connection? I have both an android device and an iOS (version 3, that is) device, and the only result I get for an application like this in both marketplaces is in the App Store. It didn't seem particularly appealing (also, it required an iOS 4 upgrade), and i'd prefer something for my and

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How to Sew a Rod Pocket
by Geoff The in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Curtains are one of the simplest sewing projects you can undertake. Whether you are a novice or advanced sewer, with a few yards of fabric and an inexpensive curtain rod you can quickly change the look of your room by stitching up new curtains. While there are many methods to finish curtains for hanging, a basic rod pocket at the top of the curtain is one of the least time consuming to sew. Learni
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What Is a Pocket PC?
by soonk in Computers
In this, the digital age, it seems that just about every piece of technology has access to the Internet in one form or another. MP3 players can connect to websites where you can buy music, just about every cell phone under the sun allows text and instant messaging, and even cameras allow you to upload images directly to websites like Flickr. But when you want to view full webpages from your portab
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How to Eat a Hot Pocket
by Brandan in Food & Drink
The Nestle Company started producing a brand of microwavable turnovers in 1983 called Hot Pockets. Hot Pockets are filled with various meet and cheeses and meats. Hot Pockets come in a variety of flavors and cuisines, with some containing 0 grams of trans fat. A common complaint with consumers is that Hot Pockets do not cook evenly. Often they come out of the microwave with an incredibly hot exte
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How to Use a Pocket PC GPS
by ShifterMSK in Electronics
GPS Navigation is a digital interface suite used for generating directions. This technology has become the compass for the digital age. GPS Navigation is now available on vehicles, computers and mobile devices. It is commonly used on Pocket PCs and smartphones because these devices offer mobility. This article will explain, in detail, how to use a Pocket PC GPS.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio
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How to Sew a Pocket
by AnToni00 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Nothing is more annoying than having a hole in your pocket. Even a small hole can cause you to lose change, keys and other objects. It is also very tempting to stick your finger in the hole, which ends up making it several times larger than it started. You can sew a pocket with a few simple tools in just a few minutes. The sooner you sew that hole in your pocket shut, the better--that way your lit
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How to Use the Wi-Fi on My Pocket PC
by Chaos in Electronics
A Pocket PC has many of the same capabilities as a regular desktop computer without all of the bulkiness. The Pocket PC is a device that can double as a cellular phone as well as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Most of these devices have a touchscreen and a keyboard to input data. The operating system on a Pocket PC is Windows Mobile or Windows CE. One of the many exciting features of this dev
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DIY Pocket Belt
by ertuzio in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Fabric is used for a variety of craft projects that involve sewing. One type of craft project to work on that uses fabric is a pocket belt. A pocket belt is similar to an apron that servers wear at restaurants. You can make a pocket belt with scrap pieces of fabric.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Tracing paper
Sewing m
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DIY Pocket Protector
by coding-style in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Pocket protectors have long gotten a bad rap for being “nerdy.” But these useful plastic pouches serve a valuable function. When you have a pocket protector, you will always have a pen handy and your shirt will never get ruined by messy pen stains. The big question is what kind of pocket protector you should wear. Choose a material that shows how tough you really are. Dispute the nerdy
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