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PDF parsing in C/C++ (PoDoFo)
by Pat in Programming Languages

Hi so I'm trying to parse some text from some pdfs and I would like to use PoDoFo, now I have tried searching for examples of how to use PoDoFo to parse a pdf however all I can come up with is examples of how to create and write a pdf file which is not what I really need.

If anyone has any tutorial or example of parsing a PDF file with PoDoFo or have suggestions for a different libr

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Get PDF Annotation Dictionary using PoDoFo
by yarry in Programming Languages

I want to get various Annotation properties using PoDoFo, Some of these are done in PdfAnnotation.h File but all not all I needed like Modification date or lets say which type of LineEnding it is in case annotation is of type EPdfAnnotation::ePdfAnnotation_Line. So, the easiest way I thought would be Get the Annotation Dictionary and look for the key.

Here is my C++ Code

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