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Rails polymorphic to nested polymorphic Mass Assignment Security Error
by imported_bman in Development Tools & Services

New to rails and this one has been troubling me for a while now. All the tutorials on polymorphic associations seem to be only two levels and never a polymorphic model nested in a polymorphic model. really need help on this.

I have a app that has post, comment and link models. Both comments and links are polymorphic as I want to add link urls to both comments and posts, as well as c

Polymorphic templated classes with polymorphic template parameters
by Ingo in Programming Languages

In a simplistic design, a class B inherits a class A polymorphically.
A templated class, Base<T> has a T* member that is used for further operations. A Derived<T> inherits from Base<T> polymorphically.
What would be the syntax that allows this kind of object creation:

Base<A>* a = new Derived&

has many polymorphic images through another polymorphic model
by NikolaeVarius in Programming Languages

Greets to ruby developers.

I'm stuck with ActiveRecord model associations.
I illustrate what I want to do by a tables. I have these tables:

| id | name |
| 1 | Cellphone |
| id | url | imageable_id | i

Polymorphic signature for non-polymorphic function: why not?
by Lepton87 in Programming Languages

As an example, consider the trivial function

f :: (Integral b) => a -> b
f x = 3 :: Int

GHC complains that it cannot deduce (b ~ Int). The definition matches the signature in the sense that it returns something that is Integral (namely an Int). Why would/should GHC force me to use a more specific type signature?


Illegal polymorphic assignment from polymorphic domain [SOBJECT:User, SOBJECT:Calendar]
by Insomniator in Web Design

I am writing a task's trigger and getting an error in salesforce Illegal polymorphic assignment from polymorphic domain [SOBJECT:User, SOBJECT:Calendar]

trigger Status_Change on Task (after update) {
List<Task> tt=trigger.old;
Task_History__c history=new Task_History__c();
Integer i=0;

Polymorphic to Polymorphic association
by Lucas Thompson in Programming Languages

I have the model Follows which has a polymorphic association many models. I have TimlineEvents which has multiple plymorphic associations with the same models. A user has many Follows. If I want to get all the TimelineEvents for my user, I need to look at the follow_type and follow_id of each Follow and match that to the actor_type and actor_id of the TimeineEvents. I can do this in a long arel

Parse polymorphic XML
by Anderson in Web Design

How would i parse an xml return from USPS's address validation if the markup changes depending on success?

For example, if the return is valid i get A) if not i get B). In A) the node <Error> does not exist and if there is an error i would like to output that error.

In PHP there is isset(),

Polymorphic Queue
by PenguinPower in Programming Languages

I'm trying to implement a Polymorphic Queue.
Here is my trial:

QQueue <Request *> requests;
QString line = QString::fromUtf8(client->readLine()).trimmed();
Request *request=new Request();

Regarding polymorphic bevaviour
by Anton Tupy in Programming Languages

Polymorphisim in Java stands for many forms what can be achieved by overriding sub-class method. Regarding generics which allows to pass in generic values, such as ArrayList<Object>. Is that part of polymorphism concept?

Polymorphic QSharedPointer
by Julian Ivanov in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use QSharedPointer in my polymorphic stucture, but I couldn't find right syntax to convert pointer of base class to pointer of derived class.

struct Switch : State {
int a;
QSharedPointer <State> myState=QSharedPointer <State>(new Switch);
QSharedPointer <Switch> mySwitchTest= ??? myState;

What should

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