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jQuery SimpleModal Popup: How to open second popup on first popup close event?
by amelim in Web Design

How to open second popup on first popup close event?

If I'm opening second modal popup on first modal popup event -

onClose: function(dialog) {

But second popup does not appear. Can anyone provide help on this?

Ajax Modal Popup doesnt show inline validation on top of popup rather it shows it behind the modal popup
by Ph33zy in Programming Languages

When i use use following inline jQuery Based validation in asp.net c# web form show on the link below it works fine.

But when i try to use the same in Ajax Modal Popup then it shows the validation behind the Modal popup as show in the screen shot.

It validates all input fields but

Content Slider and Youtube Popup Video Interfering with each other. Popup Stopped working
by MisterLilBig in Web Design

I have a content slider and a YouTube video popup on the same page. The YouTube popup works fine on it's own page but when i add it to the page with the slider it stops working and i start getting an:

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'YouTubePopup' of null”

I've added a few different popup videos scripts and a few different sliders to see would that solve anyt

OpenLayer Popup window - How to take popup text message into click event function
by Alberto Maturano in Development Tools & Services

My Problem is : want to take popup window text message into click event.

This is my code :

var lstLoclyrMarkers;
function addLstLocMarkerPoints(startpoints){
var iconSize = new OpenLayers.Size(21, 25);
var iconOffset = new OpenLayers.Pixel(-(iconSize.w / 2), -iconSize.h);
var icon = new OpenLayers.Icon("imag

Label For radio buttons does not work in popup created using jquery modal popup
by teabagbrewster in Web Design

THis sounds more like an html issue than jquery and I hope someone could help me with this.

I have a hidden div containing radio buttons which has Label For tag. This works great on the page (I tested by removing hidden property from the div), but when I pull that div content out of on the modal popup created using jquery my Label For does not work on a popup. It seems when I click

I want a popup with a cancel button. Is it a good idea to use an AJAX Popup control extender?
by Spain in Programming Languages

Please note this is a popup and NOT modal popup. The users do not want a modal popup.
Is it a good idea to use an Ajax Popup Control extender in the following circumstances;
I want to populate a textbox. When the user clicks on it, he sees a popup window.
In the popup window you can enter value of the field, or make a selection from a drop down list. When you have decided, you ca

Open popup from iframe > use that popup to forward the (opener) parent window (IE issue)
by Caomai in Web Design

This code I have works in Chrome/FF/safari but not IE9. I am trying to figure out whats wrong with IE.

Domain1.com has an iframe hosted on domain2.com - the iframe triggers a popup (hosted on domain2.com) and then a link on that popup a) forwards the domain1.com page to somewhere on domain2.com and b) closes the popup.

I have this code based on this post/answer

Can not resize and drag jquery popup dialog popup in ie9 standard mode
by mikeymikec in Coding

Not able to resize and drag jquery popup dialog (jQuery UI Dialog 1.8.1) popup in ie9 standard mode, but its working perfectly in ie9 compatibility mode.

Unfortunately I can not upgrade the jquery core (1.4.2) which is using now.

Is any other workaround without update jquery core?


Child frame opens a popup. How do I check if that popup is opened from the parent?
by Darin in Web Design

I have a page contains a frame. From within this frame I can open up a popup. How can I tell if this popup is opened from the parent page?

javascript mouseover image popup with text in the popup and close button
by scosant in Programming Languages

My current code pops up an image when I mouseover a link.

I want to add functionality that in addition to the image, a text description is also in the popup.

In addition, I also want an 'X' close button on the popup window that will close the popup when clicked. Currently, the image goes away when I mouseout. But I want to have the close button also.

How do I


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