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Is this kind of positioning possible - user friendly site structure and positioning - without javascript
by Aires in Javascript

So what i want to achieve is that 1000px main screen and at the right, ad space

If visitor screen width is smaller than 1160 ad screen won't be visible unless visitor scrolls right

But i want to margin things according to the main screen not total of ad place and main screen

Is this kind of positioning possible without javascript ?

Ok here the pi

Relative positioning + Absolute positioning VS Floats Left an Float Right (Which approach do you use in your CSS)?
by rainy in Web Design

Some websites use a DIV with relative position and then they apply absolute position to the child element in order to place the element in the desired position (e.g. left 0 or right 0). Others use floats, for instance float: left or float right. Which one is better? or in what kind situations they are better?

Since I use fixed layouts, I'm better off using relative positioning and

Positioning absolute inside list with positioning relative for jQuery animation
by rodvand in Web Design

Im trying to achive an animation of a horizontal list.


Item 1 * Item 2 * Item 3 * Item 4

But only two items is visible at one time.

Each item contains a div with a picture, a text and a link. The picture should always be aligned to top and the link to the bottom.

<img src="somepic"/>
Absolute Positioning in JQuery after loading page and positioning elements
by cthulhup in Web Design

I want to position an element in normal css relative to the element before it, and then once it's been initially positioned makes its position independant of the one before it.

For example, when you click on a 'widget' in the sidebar, it collapses, and all of the 'widgets' below it move up. I don't want them to move. Thanks.

jQuery dialog positioning auto-positioning according window size
by Insomniator in Web Design

I have a problem because jQuery dialog auto-positions itself to the window size.

For example:

jQuery Dialog example


$( "#dialog2" ).dialog({
position: [0,1000],
autoOpen: false

does not correctly position to x = 0 and top = 1000 and display a scrollbar in the browser. Instead of

Div positioning problem related to Relative and Absolute positioning
by iyogee in Web Design

The problem I am running into is related to a footer I have absolutely positioned at the bottom of the page. Everything is fine until the copy on the page begins to extend further down the page which then causes my content wells to extend down, behind, the footer. Is there anyway I can force my content wells to 'push' the footer down the page?

Here is the relevant html:


Absolute positioning (No layout manager) vs. absolute positioning in MiGlayout
by sep in Programming Languages

Will the final application result be identical across different platforms and resolutions etc. when using absolute positioning in MiGlayout as the layout manager compared to using no layout manager (Setting layout manager to null)?

Is there a difference between the absolute positioning in MiGlayout solution vs. the no layout manager solution?

Default of “absolute” positioning and “relative” positioning
by Zack Harvey in Web Design

I read up on relative and absolute positioning, but i'm still confused on what happens when you don't specify "top, left, right, bottom" after you choose one of the positions. For example, in the code below, i changed the position for container and the footer does some funky stuff when I change it from relative to absolute. I read that if you add "position:relative" and don't specify any direc

Positioning DIV
by iNate2000 in Programming Languages

I'm looking to deconstruct some javascript I found for a lightbox plugin on a site.

I was curious if someone could help to decode this piece of script? I would like to implement it into my jquery but need to discern what I can use what I cannot.

Currently my issue is that my positioning jquery aligns my div to the vertical center of the document as seen on initial load

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Positioning DIV's relatively?
by Nate Childers in Web Design

Is positioning all the divs in a page a good technique?

div { position:relative; }

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