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bug or desired behaviour? couldn't identify form using string 'post' but 'POST'. html contains 'post' though (ruby,mechani
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages

the code that didn't work:

login_form = page.form_with(:method => 'post')

and code that works

login_form = page.form_with(:method => 'POST')

I inspected the form object via puts page.forms.inspect and got

{name nil}
{method "POST"}

How to post from APP to website when click on post user clicks on post button
by pmaiorana in Programming Languages

I am using wordpress in my website.In one of my xml file user have to fill contents like books price etc then i want to post that data from android App to website when user clicks on post button. How can i do that. It would be very helpful if you provide any information regarding this. following is my code

public class Post_Ads extends Activity {
private static final int SEL

PHP - I have Post IDs, Post slugs, and Post Title. If given one, I want to get any of the other two . How can i best store that in an array?
by john3850 in Programming Languages

i have data like from a blog, with Post ID, title, and slug. All are unique. (this question is simplified but basically i have three bits of data)

I might represent the data like this

$data = array(
1 => array('slug' => 'post1', 'title' => 'title1'),
2 => array('slug' => 'slug123', 'title' => 'a test title'),
3 => array('slug' =>

Automatically create menu for each post in custom post type using post slug as menu name
by BiaachMonkie in Web Design

I am trying to write a function that for each post in post type "people" creates menu with wp_create_nav_menu() when post is published.

If you have any ideas, I am very eager to see them.

Custom post type's permalink adds the name of the post type before the post name
by Matthieu Bozec in Programming Languages

So I've create a custom post type which seem to work.

however the permalinks of the create posts has the name of the custom post type in-front of the post name.

I am getting addresses like:

and trying to change that to : http://demoforhim2.e-ddl.com/secondone/


How do I update an instance of a Django Model with request.POST if POST is a nested array?
by PatrickSimonHenk in Programming Languages

I have a form that submits the following data:

question[priority] = "3"
question[effort] = "5"
question[question] = "A question"

That data is submitted to the URL /questions/1/save where 1 is the question.id. What I'd love to do is get question #1 and update it based on the POST data. I've got some of it working, but I don'

How can I recreate an Instagram like scroll where the post information remains at the top until the next post reaches the top on Android?
by rpanic in Android

I want to recreate the Instagram scroll on Android. How can I do that? If you've never tried out Instagram, basically think of the "Alphabetical ordering" when you scroll through music on iPhones. You're scrolling through a bunch of songs which start with the letter "A". The letter A stays at the top of the screen until all songs that start with A are not on the display. The letter "B" pushes i

Rails : How to display a post in a blog for normal users out side the post controller?
by Vacant Space in Programming Languages

In my app, there's a seperate admin area to control everything including writing posts. The post routes point inside the admin panel :

resources :posts, path: '/admindashboard/posts'

Now in the normal view, Im trying to display the posts inside the pages controller under the blog action. I have managed to list the posts in the blog. But linking to them and sh

jquery ajax post method to post the json data to particular url and retrieve in particular webservice
by unfool in Programming Languages

I have ajax request to post data to asmx webservice, how will i post multiple data values as json data to that url

data:"{"userName":"" + userName + ""}",

Cannot access jquery Json POST parameters in PHP but working with Ajax and Normal post
by Boyer C. in PHP

When i Send POST parameters Through AJax i get a response back as required in the following url but not through Json. I have even done a print_r($_POST) to check at the server and get a blank array in Json. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong. In other pages my Json are working fine the same way.

url: http://www.ajatus.in/ajatus_templates/Templaton/wp-content/plugins/realestate/r

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