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bug or desired behaviour? couldn't identify form using string 'post' but 'POST'. html contains 'post' though (ruby,mechani
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages

the code that didn't work:

login_form = page.form_with(:method => 'post')

and code that works

login_form = page.form_with(:method => 'POST')

I inspected the form object via puts page.forms.inspect and got

{name nil}
{method "POST"}

How to post from APP to website when click on post user clicks on post button
by pmaiorana in Programming Languages

I am using wordpress in my website.In one of my xml file user have to fill contents like books price etc then i want to post that data from android App to website when user clicks on post button. How can i do that. It would be very helpful if you provide any information regarding this. following is my code

public class Post_Ads extends Activity {
private static final int SEL

PHP - I have Post IDs, Post slugs, and Post Title. If given one, I want to get any of the other two . How can i best store that in an array?
by john3850 in Programming Languages

i have data like from a blog, with Post ID, title, and slug. All are unique. (this question is simplified but basically i have three bits of data)

I might represent the data like this

$data = array(
1 => array('slug' => 'post1', 'title' => 'title1'),
2 => array('slug' => 'slug123', 'title' => 'a test title'),
3 => array('slug' =>

Automatically create menu for each post in custom post type using post slug as menu name
by BiaachMonkie in Web Design

I am trying to write a function that for each post in post type "people" creates menu with wp_create_nav_menu() when post is published.

If you have any ideas, I am very eager to see them.

Custom post type's permalink adds the name of the post type before the post name
by Matthieu Bozec in Programming Languages

So I've create a custom post type which seem to work.

however the permalinks of the create posts has the name of the custom post type in-front of the post name.

I am getting addresses like:

and trying to change that to : http://demoforhim2.e-ddl.com/secondone/


Cannot access jquery Json POST parameters in PHP but working with Ajax and Normal post
by Boyer C. in PHP

When i Send POST parameters Through AJax i get a response back as required in the following url but not through Json. I have even done a print_r($_POST) to check at the server and get a blank array in Json. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong. In other pages my Json are working fine the same way.

url: http://www.ajatus.in/ajatus_templates/Templaton/wp-content/plugins/realestate/r

form_for([@post, @post.comments.build]) helper with resource hierarchy in rails
by walkah in Web Design

Following ROR's guides getting started tutorial, I am making a blog having two models - Post & Comment - with following associations in config/routes.rb file:

resources :posts do
resources :comments

As such, comments and comment form is shown on the blog's view/posts/show.html.erb page for display reasons. However, I am stuck

Creating unique post-back addresses to receive responses to POST submissions via PHP
by Ph33zy in PHP

I know this is a fundamental understanding problem, but as a novice I would love if someone would be willing to clarify this for me.

Right now, my site works for a single user, me. The answer comes in to a reply.php page, where I parse and save the data to my database.

For multiple users, my readings point to having to use "Sessions", where each session can set a UserID

jquery ajax post method to post the json data to particular url and retrieve in particular webservice
by unfool in Programming Languages

I have ajax request to post data to asmx webservice, how will i post multiple data values as json data to that url

data:"{"userName":"" + userName + ""}",

Random/weighted featured post based on custom wordpress post type
by SpunkyJones in Programming Languages

I need to display a teaser on my sidebar (thumbnail image and short text) pulled randomly from a specified custom post type.
Also if possible I'd like to be able to weight them.
How would I go about doing this?
Thanks in advance.

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