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Postgresql full text search in postgresql - japanese, chinese, arabic
by Keeper in Coding

I'm designing a fulltext search function in postgresql for my current project.
It works ok with ispell/myspell dictionaries so far.
Now I need to add support for chinese, japanese and arabic search.
Where do I start?
There are no templates or dictionaries available for those languages
as far as I can see.
Will it work with pg_catalog.simple configuration?

Clojure/JDBC/Postgresql: I am trying to update a timestamp value in postgresql from a string, getting an error
by Jimzz in Databases

Using the clojure jdbc library with postgresql. I have a table "xxx" with a timestamp column "created_at" in postgresql, and I have a string containing a date in the right format. Doing an insert fails:

(require '[clojure.java.jdbc :as sql])
(sql/with-connection *db*
(sql/insert-record :xxx {:created_at "Thu Feb 09 10:38:01 +0000 2012"}))

Here i

Are there any system tables auto update in postgresql when postgresql server startup?
by Mahesh in Databases

I want to use Postgresql 9.2.2 to store my applications' data. I had to
build a trigger wich should based on Database level( When the database startup , this trigger will fired and executed.), Are there any tables auto update when postgresql server startup, in this way i could create a trigger on this table when server startup!
Thanks a lot and best regards!

PostgreSQL's rules and nextval()/serial problem (very PostgreSQL-specific)
by taekeun in Databases

When I use a rewrite rule that splits an insert into one table into inserts to two other tables where one of the inserted values has as default nextval('some_sequence') with the same sequence for both tables, then the inserted default values are different in the two tables. This is probably due to simple text replacement by the rewrite rule. I had hoped instead that the default value would be f

Importing old tables from removed postgresql to the newly inistalled postgresql
by Jimmy G. in Coding

I had a problem with my postgresql and I copy all the files and then removed it.
Then , i install the fresh one and the problem is solved.
Now is is possible to import the old files and tebles to the new one?

Rails: How to connect to an old PostgreSQL (Your version of PostgreSQL (70417) is too old, please upgrade!)
by Walruz in Programming Languages

Trying to setup a connection to a remote PostgreSQL, I get the error:

RuntimeError: Your version of PostgreSQL (70417) is too old, please upgrade!
from /Users/panayi/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p362/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems
/postgresql_adapter.rb:331:in `initialize'

I don't have access to the Pos

PostgreSQL vs. PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server Client Connectors
by sgmichelsen in Databases

While comparing the PostgresSQL and PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server future matrix, I noticed that there is a difference at the client connector section. The community edition of PostgreSQL supports only libpq and ECPG. The PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server supports: libpq, ECPG, pgJDBC, psqlODBC, Npgsql(.NET), OCL(OCI). What does it mean for me if I want to use the JDBC client library to connect

postgresql doesn't starts after editing the postgresql.conf
by dantino in Databases

I tried to enlarge the value of the "shared_buffers" settings to be larger then a default 24Mb, and the server doesn't starts with other values (I tried some) except of the default one. Just an empty logfile is created.
It's a clean installation of the postgresql on the linux server, so all other settings are default.
Does anybody know what could be the reason.

Postgresql-simple and values of PostgreSQL-specific types
by vxnick in Programming Languages

I would like to work with some the database-specific datatypes like money, point, inet, etc. It is possible to insert them as strings. However, I could not find an example of how to fetch them since they are not in the list passed to FromField.mkCompats function.

When I try to fetch such a value, there is an exception

*** Exception: Incompatible {errSQLType = "money",

PostgreSQL: Which connectivity uses psql tool of PostgreSQL
by Pete in Databases

Does anybody know how psql accesses PostgreSQL database? What it uses odbc, jdbc or some native database library?


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