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Powerfull WYSIWYG editor with upload image capability
by chaoyi in Web Design

Can any one please recommend a powerful WYSIWYG (commercial/open
source) editor which has a image upload capability.Which iam planning to use for my publishing platform.

I have been looking for it since morning but could not able to find

I found CKeditor+CKFinder , but CKFinder is not available in django/
python language. I tried to port to django

Is there option to have powerfull URL and Aliases in Drupal, not the poor one that I've found?
by Juncar in Web Design

First of all I want to state that I've just started with Drupal so I'm a noob.

I'll try to explain what I think is a powerful URL and Alias system.

Lets say we have some structured content with some subcontent shared between main sections.
The main sections could be Visitor, Customer and Website. Now every main section has it's own menu with subsections. Let's say V

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