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FBRSS.com Replacement for for RSS Feed from Wall to Word Press Syndicate Press Plugin
by stlcardinals in Development Tools & Services

My Word Press page displayed wall info from multiple Facebook accounts using FBRSS.com to stream RSS feeds from 3 Facebook Walls to the Syndicate Press Plugin. FBRSS.com site is down. Any suggeestions for a replacement or different solution.

Accept input on 1 key press instead of waiting for user to press enter on Console.ReadLine()
by eskimospy in Programming Languages

I am working on a c# Console Application where the user has to only enter a number to make a selection. Instead of making the user have to type in the number and then hit enter is there a way for the input to be accept on just the number not being inputted, i.e. so the user doesn't have to press enter.e

Thanks for your help.

In Dos batch file press ENTER key to open program or press any other key to exit from bat
by camt in Web Design

I have a DOS batch file that show some results on the cmd console. I want users to press Enter to run program or press any other key on the keyboard to exit.

I don't want to use options/choices because in that case user will have to enter at least something which I need to check and set the action.

At the end of the cmd console something say like this

python - get a key press from the linux command line without having to press enter
by brainhulk in Programming Languages

I'm writing a command line python programme on linux. I want to ask the user to press a single key, and then it should return that key press. I don't want them to have to press enter, so I can't use the builtin raw_input() method.

How to disable of press on button inside of gallery when I don't press on that in android?
by CurrentlyPissed in Android


I have a gallery with custom items in it:

Example of item:

<LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

android imageview long press and regular press
by Rakewell in Programming Languages

I have an imageview where I need to have both long presses (for a context menu) and regular presses working. I can get one or the other working, but not both. What did I miss? The code below only works for regular presses. As soon as I touch the screen, it starts executing the onTouch code.

ImageView image = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.visible_image);

Property set on first button press and does not change on subsequent press
by undeinpirat in Programming Languages

I have created a ViewController containing one picker. Its view is triggered to appear and populate the picker with one of four data arrays, depending on which one of four buttons has been pressed in the superview. I gave the subview an int property called pickerType, which I then set within the button code, like so:

- (IBAction)chooseDepType:(id)sen

Press pageup/pagedown after press esc when use vim in tmux
by Minh Nguyen in Programming Languages

When I Press pageup/pagedown after press esc when use vim in tmux, it will lower-case/upper-case the three characters after current cursor, is there any way to fix it?

Difference Between a Digital Press & an Offset Press
by Rob Northen in Computers
Printing has come a long way since Johannes Gutenberg first carved letters out of wood to use as type in the first press. Today, multiple printers and printing processes exist. Most magazines and newspapers use the offset press method for printing, which uses a substantially different process than that used by your desktop printer, a scaled down version of a digital press. While both the offset an

How to Create Press Kits & Press Releases
by dantino in Business
A press release is the key message that you distribute to news media about an event or circumstance that affects your organization, be it a business opening a new location, a nonprofit group launching a funding drive or a band releasing a CD. A press kit is a packet of mostly background information that accompanies the press release. It gives the reporter or editor more information about who you a

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