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jquerry image preview - hover preview that still hovers if image on preview
by SteveGrabowski in Web Design

Im using this pretty handy jquerry script(above), only problem is im trying to offset the x and y co-ords so it shows it further over to the left side of the cursor, but if the preview covers the orignal image it goes slightly crazy and will either show or not show a flickering preview.

heres the .js file with

Automatic CSS Preview Generator - Have css file, want to automatically generate html to preview styles
by digiram in Programming Languages

I have a fairly large CSS file developed by my web designer.

There are, of course, plenty of IDs, classes and tag properties assigned therein. Are there any tools to automatically generate HTML based on a CSS source file?

For example:

background:url(../images/leftHeaders.jpg) no-repeat;
margin-left: 0px;

QML Preview compatibility check failed. QML preview is disabled
by zealot1983 in Web Design

I am on Mac 10.8.2, i have both java 1.6 (32/64bit enabled) and java 1.7 on my machine and the JAVA_HOME is pointed to java 1.6, but whenever I try to enable QML previewing in my momentics ide (QNX® Momentics® IDE for BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK, Version: 10.0.9), I get the error in the Title. looked a bit into the log under workspace/.metadata/.log, and it logged the following:


Directshow Preview Only and Capture & Preview with a single Graph
by Blackjack200 in Programming Languages

I have a Directshow application that needs to preview a webcam video, and when user clicks 'Record' it needs to start capturing the video to a file.

To that end I created a single Capture Graph, with PREVIEW pin connected to a RENDER filter and CAPTURE pin connected to a AVI_MUX filter that saves to a file.

It looks something like this:

Problems detecting when we are doing CMS Preview vs Dynamic Preview in 2012 UI/XM
by Gábor in Web Design

I have template code (2011 SP1) which detects if a CMS Preview was being used by checking engine.RenderMode (which would be PreviewDynamic). This would then ensure that stuff that would usually be added by the app server for the published pages (like CSS, JS, navigation elements etc.) is injected to the rendered output so the preview looks nice in the CMS.

Print Preview Control used in a custom Print Preview Dialog
by Mark in Programming Languages

I have successfully implemented printing and print preview for my app using the PrintDocument, PrintDialog and PrintPreviewDialog classes of .NET.

However my app uses a toolkit to improve the appearance of the standard .NET controls. There are versions of most .NET controls in the toolkit, but none for the Print controls.

Therefore to ensure that the appearance of these

ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 To Preview 2 Migration
by Matthew Damp in Programming Languages

How do you "convert" a current project from one version to another in ASP.NET MVC 2? I'm using Preview 1 but want to move to Preview 2. I've never known how to do it correctly, and I don't want to re-create a project and go from scratch again with everything I've got preferably.

Any ideas?

How do I switch between “Source”, “Preview” and “Source and preview” tabs in Eclipse
by bps in Programming Languages

I have to switch between "Source" and "Preview" tabs a lot while editing xml files in Eclipse. So trying to find a way to do this quickly without leaving the keyboard. Does anybody know of any? I am talking two, max three, key stroke long shortcuts. Well, I guess there should be a way to customize the key combinations. TIA

git-tfs: Preview changes
by JoeKaras in Web Design

Can I preview the changes that will be checked-in to TFS without using git tfs checkintool?

I'd prefer a better UI like GitGui and I'd prefer not to risk accidentally clicking Ok.

TAGS : Preview changes

Preview PDF in C#
by AndyD2k in C & C++ & C#

I'm looking for .NET GUI component (different than PDFsharp) allowing preview PDF 1-page document.
Basically I need something similar to PictureBox where I can load bitmaps and show it.

It would be great if that component allows zooming and moving picture inside.
Freeware solutions preferred :)

TAGS : Preview

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