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aspx sql gridview “display price*sublength in price column”
by ArdentRogue in Programming Languages

when displaying price on a magazine for a subscription i see on my page:

Price | Subscription Length

69.95 | 12

69.95 | 24

the 24 month subscription should show double the 12 month (139.9) but i havent implemented this in the database and it is already built and being used successfully in all other areas.

i came up with a simple formul

Least price upcs for products by store wise and by Global from a price table
by Radeon962 in Databases

This is what is my price table looks like

Product_id prod_upc str_nbr Price
prod110010 4122067755 12 1.22
prod110010 4122067755 21 2.88
prod110010 4122063030 21 3.88
prod110010 4122063030 12 2.88
prod110010 4122063031 12 2.88
prod110010 4122063031 21 4.88

I have two requirements to s

Price optimisation with multipliers - how to optimise based on price when each section has a multiplier?
by zdyne in Programming Languages

I have an assignment at work that involves finding the solution to this difficult problem.

Customers here can buy product allocations in either daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly amounts. Each step has a multiplier associated with it to incentivise people to book the longest allocation, so for example a day = 1.5 times the unit price, quarter = 1.3, month=1.2 etc.


join two tables to get tomorrow's price (and the price two days from “now”)
by uo7 in Databases

I'm trying to do a JOIN query to analyze some stocks. In my first table called top10perday, I list 10 stocks per day that I have chosen to "buy" the next day and sell the following day:

date symbol
07-Aug-08 PM
07-Aug-08 HNZ
07-Aug-08 KFT
07-Aug-08 MET
08-Aug-08 WYE
08-Aug-08 XOM
08-Aug-08 SGP

Magento configure product regular price being set to zero when sale price occured
by tl1000sv in Web Design

I noticed a issue on my configure product today. and Hope all of you guys can help me solve this problem.
I am running magento CE 1.7.0 on the site.

Here is the issue link

The issue happened as if you choice the drop down options for a sale item, it displayed on that page as

need help to figure out average price markup on products, I have cost and selling price
by Dré in Databases

I have a database that has products in it, with both the cost and selling price.

I want to create a simple report that will group similar costing, and figure out how much markup there is.

I will then use this to apply the markup on new products.

So my database looks like:

productid, costPrice, sellingPrice
123, 9.99, 14.99

Change Magento price logic (tier price + custom option)
by Gunbuster in Web Design

I'm having an issue with Magento's simple products price logic, using Magento

We sell our products (e. g. t-shirts) on a tier price basis with an additional discount, if the customer decides to put our logo on the product. To explain the problem in Magento, I first have to show you our pricing plan:

Product without our logo:

1-3 pieces: 20%
4-5 piec

how to define different price and discount price by (color + size) in zencart?
by AnthonyC in Programming Languages

how to define different price and discount price by (color + size) in zencart?
defaultly, zencart can define a product price base on attributes, such as color .
but I can not find how to set defferent attribute with random discount price. can any one tell me how to do?

How to Determine Average List Price to Sale Price Ratio
by Jeremy Pinnix in Personal Finance
The average list-to-sale price ratio, expressed as a percentage, is the ratio of the average listing price to the average selling price of residential properties in a period. Depending on conditions in the housing market, the sale price or the closing price of a property could be lower or higher than the listing price. Buyers and sellers can look at this ratio and other metrics to determine the lo

Query the database for laptops with price close to entered price
by Marcos de Carvalho in Databases

We are now doing embedded mysql queries for a small local website. I am wondering how I might do this query "Ask the user for a price and find the PC whose price is closest to the desired price. Print the maker, model number, and speed of the PC."

How might I find the pc with the price closest to the entered price from the user?
I know I need to do a natural join between prod

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