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django profile creation, set User profile while using multiple profile types
Category : Web Design

I am stuck at user registration, I actually intends to have different profile types. While registration I am unable to set UserProfile while creating a user. I am using UserCreationForm. code in my files are as following.

from django.contrib.auth.forms import UserCreationForm
from registration.forms import RegistrationForm
from django import forms
from django.contr

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Large # of Profile Properties in Web.Config Project --Quick way to convert to MVC Profile in Application?
Category : Programming Languages

After setting a large number of property names and types for user profiles in web.config for a Web Forms project
we're switching over to an MVC3 Razor Web Application. Web Applications don't use the profile model info in web.config. Instead it's suggested to create a new ProfileCommon model --->>

Is there a tool that takes the Entity Framework parameters and creates the profile

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How to access profile model filename field to display each users profile picture
Category : Programming Languages

Hi all I am trying to access the profile picture filename for each individual user as and when they are logged into the system. I have a 'profiles' table and I need to make this available in my default.ctp view file as I am trying to load profile images.

I currently use the $current_user variable set in my appController's beforefilter to access the 'users' in the form $current_user

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Maven execute a plugin twice, once in an “always active” profile, and again in a conditionally run profile?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to run a plugin once in an "always active" maven profile, and again in a conditionally executed profile. When the conditional profile is run, the plugin in the "always on" profile doesn't execute. However, when executing maven with just the "always active" profile, the plugin runs just fine.

Here is a sample of my pom.xml


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.Net 4.0 App targeting the client profile still prompts the user to download full profile
Category : Programming Languages

I have a .NET Winform application that targets the '.NET Framework 4 Client Profile', it uses four more class library assemblies but they are also all targeting the client profile.

When I test this on a vanilla Windows XP box with just the 4.0 Client Profile installed, I still get a '.NET Framework Initialization Error':

To run this application, you first must install

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How to store user profile images privately so that it is only accessible to profile owner?
Category : Programming Languages

I am developing a website using Yii framework. On my website I have user profiles (already implemented). I will have a file uploader so that users can upload profile images. Some profiles may be available to the public, others will be private. Private profiles should be inaccessible to public users, and the images on this profile may not be accessible to anyone except for the owner of the profi

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Devise - send authenticated user to www.website.com/profile/1 (there profile page)
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using Devise and I need for an authenticated user to land on the profile page for that user.

the url path looks like this...www.website.com/profile/1

CURRENTLY the authenticated user lands here


Here is a snippet from my routes.rb file of the offending code.

authenticated :user do
root :to => 'home#

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Enterprise iOS provisioning profile renewal error: “Xcode could not determine the profile's team”
Category : Operating Systems

This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance for any breaches of etiquette.

I've been working in iOS for about a year, dealing exclusively in enterprise applications for my employer. Our primary provisioning profile is on the verge of expiration and I can't figure out why I'm getting this error message when I attempt to renew it through Xcode's Organizer.


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Any downside saving shopping cart in Profile? Profile Migration?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm doing some research for my project where I'm gone have a shopping cart. I been reading some and one way that shopping cart seem to be handled in mvc is to save it to the Profile and later on save it in the db after order is complete, and [Serializable] on the class.

My question is do you see any downside doing it like this with the profile?

I think I found

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Nuget, Castle Windsor Client Profile vs Full Profile
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to use Castle Windsor with Log4Net facility. I've installed the packages through Nuget.

The requirement for this to work is to use Full profile Castle.LoggingFacility. Nuget referenced the Client Profile version.

How can I force Nuget to install the Full profile version?

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