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Java Profiling, Performance Tuning and Memory Profiling exercises
Category : Network & Servers

I am about to conduct a workshop profiling, performance tuning, memory profiling, memory leak detection etc. of java applications using JProfiler and Eclipse Tptp.
I need a set of exercises that I could offer to participants where they can:
Use the tool to to profile the discover the problem: bottleneck, memory leak, suboptimal code etc. I am sure there is plenty experience and real-

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Remote Profiling with D7 (NOT memory profiling, but timing…)
Category : Programming Languages

We have one machine in-house that is 20 times slower starting our Delphi 7 app than any other machine.

We would like to get a performance profile (not memory profile) to locate where it's spending its time.

AQTime, which we own, we've discovered doesn't do remote profiling.

We'd prefer not to take the time to build up an entire D7 IDE development environmen

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profiling with g++
Category : Web Design

How to profile c++ code to get the call times and cost time of each line of the code, just as the profile tool
in Matlab does?

I tried to use things like -fprofile-arcs, but it only generates a code coverage report, in which call times can be found, but cost time cannot.

Can anybody help out? Regards.

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Profiling ASP.NET
Category : Programming Languages

I'd like to profile sections of asp.net code to be able to objectively compare alternate approaches based on some real numbers.

A good example is: I'd like to see an instruction trace for for what happens when a repeater is rendered vs (blech - the following is NOT my idea) building markup in a concatenated string or stringbuilder and emitting to the browser. I'd also like to be ab

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Profiling help in asp.net
Category : Programming Languages

I am building a site using WebFormsMvp and Entity Framework 4.

The site is a bit slow and when i profile in dotTrace these three methods take 75% of the time. (My first method takes about 3%)

Int64, Boolean, Boolean)

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Performance profiling in .NET
Category : Programming Languages

I wrote a class which uses Stopwatch to profile methods and for/foreach loops. With for and foreach loops it tests a standard loop against a Parallel.For or Parallel.ForEach implementation.

You would write performance tests like so:


PerformanceResult result = Profiler.Exe

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Profiling WPF application
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a WPF application, that is sometimes freezing for maybe a half minute and then works fine.
I am thinking to profile that application.
Anybody knows a good tutorial of how to profile WPF application?
Or anybody has any idea on finding a way to know when it is freezing?
The freezing is not consistent, and not related to any usage pattern

Thanks for help.

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Profiling algorithm
Category : Programming Languages

I need to implement execution time measuring functionality. I thought about two possibilities.

First - regular time() call, just remember time each execution step starts and time when each execution step completes. Unix time shell command works this way.

Second method is sampling. Every execution step set some sort of flag before execution begins(for example

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Quicksort + Profiling
Category : Programming Languages

i'm trying to profile a quicksort code. the code is as follows:

qsort [] = []
qsort (x:xs) = qsort (filter (< x) xs) ++ [x] ++ qsort (filter (>= x) xs)

please help me out!

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PHP Web Application Profiling
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using a web based product which was developed in the Symfony framework in PHP and using MySQL. I found some actions takes huge amount of time to execute due to various reasons.

I need to profile my web application to identify what are the place which need to be refactored.

I have used following two tools to do that.

Symfony debug tool - This does not supp

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