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Installing a program on C:Program FilesProgram instead of C:Program FilesManufacturerProgram Name
by cerebusPu in Programming Languages

i think the question says it all, but I have an application that uses a .net setup kit (in vs.2005), and the user asked me if it was possible to install it on the c:Program FilesProgramName instead of C:Program filesManufacturerProgram Name. Thing is, I just can't seem to find the way to do it.


If my program just sometimes calls to GPL program should all my program be Open Source GPL?
by hamaholic in Programming Languages

If my program just sometimes calls to GPL program (or if we talk about flash my swf sometimes sends parameters to other GPL'd swf) should all my program be Open Source GPL?

how to open program through C# program and give this program focus
by manivel in C & C++ & C#

How to open program through C# program (Windows Mobile) and give this program focus ?

EDIT by MarkJ: Gold says thanks for Process.Start suggestions, but for some reason the program still doesn't get the focus.

Thanks in advance,

Remote java program execution using ftp, very large dataset on remote machine - program to data vs data to program
by Andreas in Java

I am developing a java based application; its pertinent requirements are listed below

Large datasets exist on several machines on network. my program needs to (remotely) execute a java program to process these data sets and fetch the results

A user on a windows desktop will need to process datasets (several gigs) on machine A. My program can reside on the user's machine.

QTSpim MIPS program help. Program errors in conversion from ascii string to integer
by BabaBooey in Programming Languages

I am working on a mips program to convert numbers from ascii string into integers, with the parameter that it should accept positive and negative integer decimal strings. I know this is a pretty common a assignment but I wasn't able to resolve my problems online. I was able to get some tips, but still receiving errors when trying to run the program.

Here is the code I have at this t

How to make a program as a default program to open specific files in Visual Studio C++
by Sankarsan Bose in C & C++ & C#

Actually, I have no idea about what is the title of my question, so I couldn't search on Google, first I need to know what to say to this problem.

Well, I have developed a application in Visual Studio C++ 2010, in which 3D objects can be processed, so there is a function called Import Model which helps to import model.

What I want is, the user just right click on the o

Running program from the command line via PHP - Passing commands instead of restarting the program every time
by BabaBooey in PHP

I'm using a local server on my laptop to control a C# program via PHP. Basically I'm taking a POST passed to my web server, and using it as the parameters for a command line program. My code is essentially this:

$parameters = $_POST['parameters'];
system('C://THEFILEPATH/myprogram.exe ' . $parameters);

The problem is that this causes myprogram.exe to s

logic error in prime # program. The program just ends after I answer the prompt so I can't see the numbers
by Erik in Programming Languages

//Purpose: Display first 'n' (user chosen) number if emirps to the console, five per line.
//Note: An "emirp" is a prime number that is also prime when reversed.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
bool isPrime(int value); //Prototyle for "prime number function"
int reverse (int value2); //Prototype for "emirp function"
int main()

How do I get IzPack to add program to control panel “Program & Features” list
by Javier Pitalua in Programming Languages

My installer.xml adds the newly installed program to the program list in the start menu but does not show it in the program and features list in the control panel. i have added the native COIOSHelper_x64 dll and the RegistryUninstallerListener. All i need is "to View the newly installed program by izpack in Control panel "program and features" list".....can anybody help...need it asap

apache localhost.com, after a program is started, program has download as empty file automatically
by JoseWalrus in Development Tools & Services

I have this strange situation on my local server, I have ever read this problem by somebody else, but there was also no solution given. I can't find it anymore or something related.

I can't be the only one in this world ...

So for Magento I created localhost.com otherwise it does not run.

If I import a large database in PhpMyAdmin (MySQL), or start a program

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