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Functional Programming Vs Declarative Programming Vs Imperative Programming
by fukas78 in Web Design

I have been too used to Imperative Programming which is the usual way of telling the computer to perform step by step the procedure to get the final result. On the other hand, declarative programming just passes the input and expects the output without stating the procedure how it is done. The one I am confused about is Functional Programming. I know Functional Programming is a programming para

Erlang (Functional Programming) vs Object Oriented Programming in terms of thinking
by scosant in Programming Languages

I am learning Erlang and I am trying to create a very sample blog program. However my mind currently is trapped in the OO world (var p = new Post(); p.Title = ""; p.Save();). I would like to understand some basic thinkings in Erlang. Instead of creating Post object what I should do in terms of data structure (p.Title, p.DateCreated, p.Body)? Should I be using tuple? I would like to understand t

reinventing the wheels: Node.JS/Event-driven programming v.s. Functional Programming?
by Ken in Web Design

Now there's all the hype lately about Node.JS, an event driven framework using Javascript callbacks. To my limited understanding, its primary advantage seems to be that you don't have to wait step by step sequentially (for example, you can fetch the SQL results, while calling other functions too).

So my question is: how is this different, or better than just functional languages, li

How to rewrite finding max contiguous subarray in Dynamic Programming using functional programming paradigm in ruby?
by Steve M in Development Tools & Services

I wrote the following code to find the contiguous subarray with maximum sum, which I tink pretty ugly:

The problem is my internal thinking of this problem (using DP) is imperative. How can I refactor this piece of code and make it more functional (and DRY)? Any recommendations on how to think algorithms in functional language? (maybe should be a sperate question though).

Difference between Gene Expression Programming and Cartesian Genetic Programming
by mikieb in Web Design

Something pretty annoying in evolutionary computing is that mildly different and overlapping concepts tend to pick dramatically different names. My latest confusion because of this is that gene-expression-programming seems very similar to cartesian-genetic-programming.

(how) Are these fundamentally different concepts?
I've read that indirect encoding of GP instructions is an eff

CHATBOT: Programming a chat bot with a easy programming Interpret interface
by jgood in Web Design

I would like to do it (Probably it not necessary to do it) a console interface to make an implementation of a chat bot.
I would like my chat bot has 3 levels of “intelligence”.

Level one: My chat bot is like a dictionary. You write something like “If user say ‘Hello’, chatbot say ‘Hello’”. Or “if user say ‘How are you’, chatbot say ‘I´m fine, thank yo

Distributed parallel programming model in any programming language - similar to apach hadoop but supports windows machine
by naemi in Programming Languages

I am interested to know distributed parallel programming model in any programming language (java/perl/python/php) - similar to apache hadoop but supports windows machine (I don't want to install cygwin in windows machine).

Also, i am not keen on high availability & fault tolerance.

Create a job "sum" and submit it from client so that it runs in many wo

How to Convert a Nonlinear Programming Problem to Linear Programming
by boobytrapped in Education
Linear programming problems attempt to find a solution for an objective function, which intends to maximize or minimize a certain value within the realm of a set of constraints. Linear programming problems are well-studied in mathematics, and many algorithms exist that easily lead to their solutions. However, nonlinear programming problems tend to be extremely difficult to solve, which has led to

Is programming for Android completely different fron programming for iPhone?
by evident in Android

I have made apps for the iPhone, but want to also code for the Android but want to know if it is first worth my time, second worth my having to learn another language, and third worth the effort in the sense that am I going to make a profit from this. Also if in any way Android code is similar, then will it be hard to bring the iPhone (Xcode) files, or copy and paste my iPhone code into the And

is there a book on php for socket programming? or a general programming language?
by bhupesh in PHP

i already have some experience with java and a bit with c/c++, i'd like to learn php now. i want to make some applications with sockets, which i already understand a bit of. however, it seems most books focus on php for web development, whereas i'm more interested in it as a general purpose programming language.

am i "doing it wrong" or is php viable as am i hoping it to be? if it i

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