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I want to build a web project using SSH, which project model should I choose, Dynamic Web Project or Tomcat Project?
by Excessi0n in Development Tools & Services

What makes me confusing is that I build a Dynamic project, but when I run it in Juno Eclipse, but I could not find any file in my tomcat server. Surprisingly, it works well!!??

Deploy Project option not available at project level for SharePoint 2013 project in Visual Studio 2012
by Francois in Programming Languages

I have recently upgraded my SharePoint 2010 solution to SharePoint 2013 and in the same process upgraded the solution as well to Visual-Studio 2012.

One of the things I have observed is that I don't have the "deploy" option at each SharePoint project level. On digging a bit further I have noticed that the "deloy" option is available to all projects under solution but not for project

Java: Unifying a Servlet Project and a Socket Project in one Project - Class not found Error
by TC. in Programming Languages

I have 3 projects. One is a Servlet (made inside a Dynamic Web Project), the other is a socket project (also a Dynamic Web Project) and the last is a real Dynamic Web Project that I want to use to unify the other 2 project and can upload both on my Apache Tomcat Server (it not my idea, is my boss idea).

I have added the Servlet and Socket project to the Unify Project using "java bu

No project showing up in project explorer in Eclispe for project created on separate computer and shared through SVN
by Mcad in Programming Languages

I have a project in an SVN folder like so

When committing, I think I added all of the metadata folder to the ignore list. I then set up SVN etc. on another computer and opened up the same workspace "WorkingDir", but nothing showed up in the Project Explorer.

I checked the filter settings etc., I tried importing the preferences

How to get current project location when I developing a Eclipse plugin to create a project within another project.
by cheese_doodle in Programming Languages

I'd like to create a sub-proejct in a proejct like M2E can create a maven module within a maven project when on focus a maven project and right click to create a maven module.

But I don't know how to get the current project location which I clicked.
I use the

WizardNewProjectCreationPage newProject = new WizardNewProjectCreationPage();
URI location

How can I inherit project dependencies/references from one project to a dependent project in Visual Studio
by Griff in Programming Languages

I have Project 1 with dependencies to Boost and GLM. For Boost and GLM, I've specified the 'Additional Include Directories' to reference the C++ files for each. Project 1 is created as a static library project. When I build Project 1, everything builds fine. Project 2 references Project 1 via the Reference Manager, but when I build Project 2, I get

fatal error C1083: Cannot op

Project B inside Project A's subfolder - committing local changes to Project B remote
by dreampunchboy in Development Tools & Services

Let say I'm owner of two remote projects: MainProject and AppsProject.

In local repository I want to have AppsProject in MainProject's subdirectory (apps/).

I've tried to use subtree merge strategy (ref.: Pro Git Book)
In MainProject's directory. I've done that:

Referencing a web service project from unit testing project: project not in list
by silvervino in Programming Languages

Problem: Trying to reference a .NET 2.0 web service project from my VS unit testing project.

Right click on the References folder in the unit test project -> Add Reference.
The .NET 2.0 web service is NOT listed in the listbox of projects available to reference.

I know this usecase is possible; I have previously successfully referenced (in other solutions) a .NET 3

Can't build and run an android test project created using “ant create test-project” when tested project has jars in libs directory
by Meski in Android

I have a module that builds an app called MyApp. I have another that builds some testcases for that app, called MyAppTests. They both build their own APKs, and they both work fine from within my IDE. I'd like to build them using ant so that I can take advantage of continuous integration.

Building the app module works fine. I'm having difficulty getting the Test module to compile

FogBugz - Include all cases assigned to myself and Project <> “Project A” and Project <> “Project B”
by icode.cs in Web Design

Is there a way in FogBugz to create a filter which is:

[All] [open] [cases] assigned to [Developer A] with the exception of 1 or more projects.

I've had a trawl through Google and the FogBugz forums but couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance!


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