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How to Get Free Promo CDs
by Serbia in Arts & Entertainment
The music industry relies heavily on promotional CDs to raise the profile of its artists. This is the case for large record labels, smaller independent labels, and for individual artists and bands who are promoting their own careers. A promotional CD may be an entire CD or a sample collection of a few choice songs. It obviously costs money to produce promotional CDs and record labels and artists u
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How to Do a Promo on Tumblr
by fayoh in Internet
One feature on the blogging website Tumblr is the ability to follow other users. Following a user on Tumblr allows you to view their Tumblr posts on your dashboard in real-time. A popular tradition on Tumblr is promoting other users. Subscribers who have many followers may offer to promote lesser-followed users, in what is commonly referred to as a "promo." By posting a promo, Tumblr users are pro
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How to Be a Promo Girl
by Shrek Qian in Careers & Job Searching
Promo girls, also known as promotional models are marketing personnel; companies use these promotional models to help sell their products at events. Budweiser, Red Bull and Mountain Dew are among the many companies that use promotional girls. The job can be a great source of income for women ages 18 to 40. Most of the work comes at the lower end of the age spectrum, tapering off in the early 30s.
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How to Become a Promo Model
by Alec in Careers & Job Searching
Breaking into the modeling industry is a challenging endeavor, but signing on with a modeling agency can better position you to get hired for modeling jobs in areas such as print advertising, television commercials and fashion. Promo Models, a staffing and modeling agency, has offices throughout major cities in the United States and represents male and female models for a variety of photo shoots,
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How to Get on a JetBlue Promo
by Serbia in Travel
JetBlue Airways offers flights and vacation packages throughout North America and the Caribbean. Occasionally the airline offers promotional fares and discounted packages.Travelers can also enroll in TrueBlue, JetBlue's frequent-flyer club that routinely offers promotions to members.Take advantage of these programs for a JetBlue promotional trip or flight.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
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How to Print Promo Items
by David Porter in Business
One way to attract new customers to your business is by offering promotional items, or giveaways. These products add an incentive to customers to utilize your business services while also advertising your company to others. There are a wide variety of promotional items to choose from. Once you decide which one to create, you may have it printed using a promotional products company from the Interne
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Promo Ideas for Zumba
by Nidleb in Business
Zumba is a dance-based fitness method that is easy to master by all types of people, even those with no dance experience. When you are running Zumba classes, marketing is an important part of bringing in new customers. As you plan promotional activities, consider how you can introduce Zumba to people who are looking for a new class to spice up their workout routine, or are looking for a new way of
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Cheap Promo Gifts
by Pete in Personal Finance
When you're promoting your business, there are cheap ways to get your name out there. You can choose promotional gifts pertinent to your business, or pick gifts that people will enjoy. Think about your target demographic and your budget when choosing the best type of promotional gift. Office SuppliesGiving away office supplies, like pens, pencils, and erasers, as promotional gifts is good beca
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How to Use a Promo Code on Tracfone
by Canada in Electronics
Tracfone promo codes are codes that give you additional minutes of talk time on your Tracfone. The promo codes are typically sent to you from Tracfone in the form of an email, if you subscribe to their newsletter, or a promo code might have been included with your phone when you purchased it. Tracfone promo codes can only be redeemed one at a time, and have to be used when you're adding minutes on

How to Print Promo Cards
by Dan Ingraham in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Promo cards are used to promote a business, a person, a show, or a sale. They are advertisements you hand or mail to people. As such, the design and content of the card are very important. Once you have an attention-grabbing design created in Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint or other image-editing software, the next step is printing those cards.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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