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How to Take a Job Promotion
by KM. in Business
A job promotion can be the culmination of years of hard work and relationship building. So many dream of receiving the offer of a promotion, but few stop to consider the etiquette involved in the acceptance process. As with a job offer from a new organization, an acceptance letter is required. Putting in writing the basics of the new position, such as compensation, benefits and start date, as well
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How to Get a Promotion
by Octopuss in Careers & Job Searching
You work hard at your job. You know you're ready for more responsibility and more challenging work. You would also like the salary increase that would accompany your new duties. You know you want it, but how do you get that promotion?Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Do your job well. You will not be trusted with more responsibility if you can't perform your present duties.
Let your sup
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How to Ask For a Promotion
by youtube-api in Careers & Job Searching
Even in a tough economy, it is possible to get raises and promotions, as long as you know how to present yourself and your skills. Asking for a promotion may feel like you are risking your current standing. If the boss does not believe you are ready for the promotion, he may not feel you are capable of your current position either. This fear is normal, but typically unjustified. As long as you app
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How to Ask for a Job Promotion
by deshao in Careers & Job Searching
When planning your strategy, in preparation for asking for a job promotion, research current opportunities available within your company as well as the potential for new positions not yet developed. Innovation when proposing a job promotion will show creativity and a desire to help the business succeed. Maintain professional relationships and a professional demeanor in your current position as you
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How to Get One's First Job Promotion
by Matt1970 in Careers & Job Searching
When you begin working at a new job, you may be eager to move quickly up the ranks. Although getting promoted soon after starting a job may seem difficult, it is possible with a few simple strategies. Follow these tips for getting your first job promotion.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Work hard. Although it may seem obvious, often the employees who are promoted first are the ones who put fo
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datatype promotion in c
by neosephiroth86 in Programming Languages

In the following code:

#include "stdio.h"
signed char a= 0x80;
unsigned char b= 0x01;
void main (void)
else if (b*a<1)
printf("why doesnt promotion work?");

I expected "promoted' to be printed. But it doesnt. Why?
If I can

Code Promotion with Git
by Justin Blanton in Programming Languages

I'm trying to figure how can I use git for multiple environments (dev->test->prod) with code promotion. I read a bit about branching but didn't understand much how can this solve my problem since I must have the ability to run all of the environments concurrently and separately from each other.

Will be very thankful for some kind of how-to.

What is Sales Promotion?
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Business
Sales promotion is a promotional marketing technique designed to create sales for a product over a defined period of time. Sales promotion activities are measurable in terms of products moved, coupons redeemed, number of contest entries, or other quantifiable count. Sales Promotion PlanningSales promotion includes short term cents-off coupon and discount activities, contests and sweepstakes, pr

How to Run a Promotion Company
by Javed in Business
Running a promotion company is an exciting area of work and a great way to become financially successful. Because of the constant need for promotions, there is a lot of opportunity in this field. If you've been contemplating starting your own company, now is the time to learn techniques to be successful in running a promotion company.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Create a budget and financin

How to Request a Promotion
by luv2liv in Careers & Job Searching
Asking for a promotion can feel intimidating but if it's something you truly want to go after, the only one who is going to get you there is yourself. Believe in your abilities and follow this advice and you could land the promotion of your dreams.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Write promotion proposal statementsWrite down two statements. One of how you would spend your first 90 days wh

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