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Command-line arguments vs File properties (*.properties) vs System Properties (-D) in Java
by cjdavis in Java

There is a number of way one can pass arguments to Java application. Among them are:

Command-line arguments
Properties files (properties-style)
System properties (passed via -D option)
System environment variables

Ideologically, when should one prefer ones against the others?
For example, if one has a lot of parameters to pass to

Building a unified config.properties. What if there are multiple properties with the same key in a properties file in Java?
by erlang in Java

We have a situation where there are a dozen of files called config.properties in our build process:


Our current install process copies the config.properties for that environment to config.pr

Binding IsEnabled and other Properties to Public Properties, does it work like Dependency Properties?
by malbojah in Programming Languages

In my scenario I have a lot of buttons or other controls which I want to depend upon a public property inside the code-behind file. Let's call this IsEverythingLoaded and it's a boolean.

Now I would like to have a button look like this

<Button Click="DoTheMagic"
IsEnabled="{Binding Path=IsEverythingLoaded}">Click Me</Button>

Can I add custom properties to TortoiseSVN's list of properties in Add Properties dialog?
by rbonestell in Development Tools & Services

Our team is using some user-defined properties on our SVN repository. When I go to add a property to a file using TortoiseSVN, I right-click on the file and choose TortoiseSVN / Properties. I then click the New... button and get the Add Properties dialog. At the top of this dialog is a drop-down list of pre-defined properties labeled Property name:

Bind Shape properties and attached properties to properties
by Jouni in Programming Languages

I have a property:

public double S { get; set; }

...and XAML:

<Canvas Name="MainCanvas">
<Ellipse Canvas.Left="10" Canvas.Top="10" Height="10" Name="ellipse1" Stroke="Black" Width="10"/>

How can I bind both Ellipse Width and Height properties and attached <

-Java- save HashMap properties to a properties file, and load those properties back to the HashMap
by Kagee in Programming Languages

So I run into a casting problem with storing HashMap properties to a Properties file because the key of the HashMap is an object that cannot be cast to java.lang.String because properties must be (String, String) and my HashMap is (Object, Long).
I just want to save the contents of the HashMaps to a file so I can load those contents back into the HashMaps the next time the program is ran.<

Maven: How to read system properties from a file and pass those properties into a Cargo container?
by Iron Woode in Programming Languages

I would like a robust way of reading all system properties from an env.properties file and pass those properties' names and values into the Cargo container instead of hard coding the values as in the followings.


How do you remove CKeditor's new image properties' photo upload, or browser server properties?
by Mexico in Web Design

I just upgraded my ckEditor, and it's added a few options I don't want right now.

Of them are to browse images from files rather than just include them as urls. How do I remove those options?

Passing arguments between classes - use public properties or pass a properties class as argument?
by uo7 in Programming Languages

So let's assume I have a class named ABC that will have a list of Point objects.

I need to make some drawing logic with them. Each one of those Point objects will have a Draw() method that will be called by the ABC class.

The Draw() method code will need info from ABC class.

I can only see two ways to make them have this info:

Having Abc class make

how to show properties of the custom control in visual studio IDE 2008 properties window?
by Jason Merrill in Development Tools & Services

i have created a custom graph control in WPF, now i want to show it's properties in the properties window in visual studio IDE 2008, so a user can change the properties at the design time.how can i do it in WPF custom controls??
please help me guys??


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