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How Do I Know If Property Is Land Court Property or Regular System Property in the State of Hawaii?
by wafe in Legal
Although all deeds are filed with the Bureau of Conveyances, the State of Hawaii has a dual recording system for real property: Regular System and the Land Court System. The Regular System of recording property title began about 1845 when King Kamehameha III divided Hawaii lands in Ka Mahele or "the division." Almost six decades later, the Land Court System was initiated in 1903. Each system assig

Can a Property Owner Mortgage the Property If Another Person Has Lifetime Usufruct of the Property?
by Javed in Personal Finance
Louisiana bases much of the Civil Code on the basic civil law of the Napoleonic Code. The usufruct is a property right that is not ownership but use. Louisiana is a community property state; when one parent dies, the property goes to the children, but the other parent has a lifetime use. The usufructuary is the person with the lifetime use. The usufruct is limited to the life of the usufructuary b

Print system property name if property not found in property file
by VirtualLarry in Programming Languages

I have 2 property files:


Both of these fiels contains properties in it.

I am loading properties of these fiels by setting system properties in IBM websphere server.

During application startup all properties in both of these files are loaded through ApplicationProperty.java class.

get property lambda from property Name (Where property type can be nullable)
by Nate Childers in Databases

Hi there I basically need a function with the following signature

Expression<Func<T, object>> GetPropertyLambda(string propertyName)

I have made a few attempts but the problem arise when the property is nullable
it goes something like this

ParameterExpression param = Expression.Parameter(typeof(T), "arg");
Expression member

Assigning property to JS object using another objects property value as the property name
by Netopia in Web Design

I want to use the value of an objects property to name the property of another object. Easy to do in PHP:

$object1->property = 'name';
$object2->{$object1->property} = "value";
echo $object2->name; //outputs "value"

But in Javascript I can't figure out how to do this. The curly braces are used a different way.

Anyone know t

How can I find the dependency property identifier for a given member property that exposes a dependency property?
by andystacy in Development Tools & Services


TextBox has a Text property, but I cannot bind to it, if I am going to bind, I have to bind to the TextProperty dependency property.


textbox.Text = new Binding("mypath"); does not work

and I need

textbox.SetBinding(TextBoxBase.TextProperty, "mypath")

BUT, and this is a huge but, I don't know that it is property "

Is there a library etc that walks joins in property path expression in a Hibernate Restriction property
by Liy in Web Design

It seems irritating that property paths that involve joins must be broken down into multiple criteria. This means that code building a HQL is considerably bloated especially when the path has many joins within it. I have been unable to find a library which "internally" expands paths into the right criteria.

Entity Framework 4.0: Adding scaler property gives error (property it not mapped: 11009)?
by Edwin41 in Coding

I wanted to add a new property to one of my model (table). Basically its a property that doesn't exist in the database but i need to add it to my model so that the custom generation tool (self tracking entity generator) will create the the property inside the the custom generated file.

I added a scaler property, its a string and called testme but it gives me the following error, Any

How do I use hibernate to query for a list of some entity based on its many-to-many property without filtering out items on the many-to-many property?
by Gus in Coding

I have an entity class Foo that has a many-to-many relationship with Bar

<class name="Foo">
<set name="bars" table="FooBar" lazy="true" batch-size="100" fetch="select">
<key column="FooID" />
<many-to-many column="BarID" class="Bar" />

Binding two UIElements to the same property doesn't work properly if the property is in a singleton instance
by Dré in Programming Languages

I have never come across this issue but most recently I noticed that a two way binding to a property doesn't work if the property resides in a Singleton.
What I mean is that the 'other' checkbox never updates its value...

Any ideas on how to make it work?
Thanks in advance!


public class Singleton : INotifyPropertyChanged

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