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how to write a code to protect the email IDs displayed on a page through PHP to protect from spam bots
by Steve Downing in PHP

I am displaying the email addresses stored in the database on a page using PHP.
The email address on a page is displayed as below:

Email: test@example.com

Now the email address shown on a page should use JS spam protection to hide it from spam bots.

Laws to Protect Protect Battered Women in West Virginia
by SteveGrabowski in Legal
The figures are startling. According to a National Network to End Domestic Violence study in 2008, every seven minutes a call is made to a domestic violence hotline in West Virginia. And in 2007, 14,779 cases of domestic violence were filed in West Virginia courts. With statistics as sobering as this, it's imperative for women to arm themselves with knowledge and to know the key laws that protect

How to Protect an LLC
by deom2i in Business
To protect your Limited Liability Company, or LLC, you need to know the risks involved. There's little you can do to protect the entity other than to purchase insurance. The LLC exists as a separate entity and is exposed to the liability of business operations while you and other owning members are not. However, you and your fellow members should write an operating agreement to verify your limit
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How to Protect Yourself With an LLC
by AnToni00 in Business
LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. LLC is a business classification that protects small business owners' personal assets from litigation that may arise during the course of business. An LLC can be organized as a sole proprietorship, or a business owned by one individual; as a business owned by multiple persons; or as a business owned by a corporation, foreign entity or other LLC. If someone

What Does Car Wax Protect Against?
by Dariosky in Cars
Car wax can protect against many harsh environmental elements that your car may be exposed to. Car wax is especially important to car owners who don't keep their vehicle in a garage or place a cover over it. Car wax will protect auto paint from turning dull with age.

What Does Car Wax Protect?
by mAuo in Cars
When you apply car wax, you know the substance is supposed to protect your car. However, you may not know what exactly it protects and how it works. If you do choose to use car wax, you will find that the finish of your car retains a more pristine look for a longer period of time. HistoryThe idea of using a wax on cars evolved from the days of the horse-drawn carriage. Drivers applied animal fa
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How to Protect My Car
by BSim500 in Cars
Protecting your vehicle is financially beneficial. Keeping your vehicle free from scratches and dents increases resale value, while maintaining it properly can save you from costly repairs. Protecting your car may seem inconvenient because of continuous maintenance every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and because of where you'll have to park it or wash it. Keep in mind that you'll be protecting one of the m
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How to Protect a New Car
by google-app-engine in Cars
Protecting your new vehicle from the time of purchase and on can warrant you a better resale or trade-in value down the road. In addition, keeping up with maintenance items can save you significant money on major repairs. Know how to clean your car and where to park it to keep it free from dents and scratches, and with proper care, your car should look good and prove reliable for many years to com
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How to Protect My IRA
by toutatis in Personal Finance
An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is designed to supplement federal income sources once you retire. Theoretically speaking, a younger person can recover from losing IRA assets, contributing to the IRA over time and using investment strategies to increase returns. It doesn't matter what your age is or how many years before retirement you have, if protecting your IRA assets is important to you,
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How to Protect Your Car From EMP
by sql-server in Electronics
EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, was once kept secret from the civilian realm but now graces the storylines of science fiction and action thrillers. EMP is a common result of a nuclear explosion, but also can be tested by EMP simulators. Encountering an EMP, for the average person, is extremely unlikely. The majority of EMP activity occur with nuclear weapons testing, or with EMP simulators used in
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