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In git, editing a historical pre-pull commit after the pull causes divergence from origin
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In the following scenario:

Make commits A, B, C
Pull, getting commits D, E
Make more commits F, G, H, ...
Realize that you need to tweak B
Tweak B using git rebase -i and git commit --amend

Now git status says:

Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged.

How should I fix this?


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Why Won't My Pull Cord Pull to Start the Snow Thrower?
Category : Home & Garden
Snow throwers are useful wintertime tools that clear paths through the snow. Like all machines, they sometimes break down. The problem probably lies in your snow thrower's engine if you cannot pull the pull cord to start the machine. Compression StrokeYour snow thrower's engine might be experiencing a compression stroke. A pocket of air or fuel might be locking up the engine. Remove the spark p

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how do I pull the larger photo when I pull my friends from graph?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm pulling friends info and passing in picture, but that gets me the tiny square thumbnail. Their docs seem to suggest that there's a way to get an array of images that include a larger version of this image, but I'm not succeeding in passing in any other param to get those urls. Can someone let me know how to get a user's larger profile image?

FB.api( "/me/friend

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The Pull Chain on My Ceiling Fan Light Won't Pull
Category : Home & Garden
Ceiling fans provide an attractive way to regulate the temperature in a room. Wide fan blades keep air moving and provide circulation at several different speeds. Generally, ceiling fans are operated by pull chains that adjust the way that electrical wires send signals to the motor. The pull chains give you convenient access to the unit, which is often too high for the average person to reach. Whe

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How to Make a Doorway Pull-Up Bar Into a Wall Pull-Up Bar
Category : Home & Garden
Instead of spending money to attach a pull-up bar to the wall, extendable pull-up bars allow you to expand the pull-up bar inside the doorway, until the bar is exerting enough force to hold your weight.This allows you to perform pull-ups, which work several muscles, including the biceps. However, you might not have access to a doorway. Perhaps you live in a studio apartment and would rather work o

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The Pull on My Shower Faucet Is Difficult to Pull
Category : Home & Garden
Shower faucets that pull away from the wall to turn the water on are cartridge faucets. Because cartridge faucets move back and forth and from side to side, the ability to actuate the handle easily is important. As with all faucet types, cartridges do fail over time and must be replaced. Although the cartridge may look like it is in good condition, the interior may contain mineral deposits that ca

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Git pull doesn't pull down recent commit
Category : Web Design

I have a Git repo on BitBucket. I have two branches master and db. On my laptop I made changes to db, commited the changes and pushed up to BitBucket. I can see the commit in that branch.

Now I'm at my desktop at work and I've done a git pull whilst on branch master. It's pulled down master's commits but not db, which I guess might

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Pull from MySQL vs pull from filesystem
Category : Databases

If there were 1 million concurrent users visiting a website viewing different pages, which is going to cause a higher server load (i.e., slow down the sever)?

Pull from MySQL

GET index.php?=page_id=1
GET index.php?=page_id=2
GET index.php?=page_id=etc...


Pull static page from filesystem

GET page_1.html
GET page_2.html

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How to Set Up Pull-Pull on a Giant Scale
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
A pull-pull system is used to control rigging for the rudder on a model airplane. You can set up a pull-pull system for use with airplanes by running cables that attach to the rudder horn. This will require the installation of a mock-up pull-pull system by making an alteration to the fuselage. To properly set up the pull-pull system an airplane needs to have a servo tray and belt crank installed.D

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git: having 2 push/pull repos in sync (or 1 push/pull and 1 pull in sync)
Category : Programming Languages

We work on multiple geographically seperate sites.

Today I have our git clones all live on one site A. Then users from site B have to ssh over to do a git clone or to push in changes. These are bare repos where the update is through pushes.

Ideally, for git clone/push performance, I'd like to limit having to go over ssh.

I'd like to have a copy of git repo

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