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iOS in app purchases
by coding-style in Mobile Programming

This might not be relevant to this site, but hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction, or even have experience with the something similar.

We have an app that we can't put registration on because apple want's their cut in the profits, i.e. they want their 30%

But the markup we have on the item for sale is so low that if we give apple 30% we will actually be

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What Is a Purchases Budget?
by BooTeK in Business
A purchases budget report allows business owners to determine how much money and goods are needed to reach desired goals. This particular budget is used for companies that have products in stock or inventory, as the value of inventory plays a large role in a complete purchases budget. Calculating Purchase BudgetA purchases budget provides a representation of what the business plans to buy for

How to Pay C.O.D. for Internet Purchases
by BabaBooey in Business
Collect on delivery (COD) is a shipping service option offered by many shipping companies including the United States Postal Service, FedEx and UPS. The shipper always initiates the COD transaction, so the seller always has to agree to send the purchase using a COD shipping method. Depending on the shipping company and the COD options selected by the shipper, you can pay for COD shipments with cas

Taxes on Purchases
by DevTim in Personal Finance
The tax collectors of ancient Egypt gathered taxes for the use of cooking oil -- and today, governments worldwide use a system of taxation. Taxes provide several benefits at the federal, state and local levels. The purchasing process requires the payment of taxes by consumers in every state. Sales taxes have an interesting effect on the economy, even enabling the dismissal of income taxes in state
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How to implement in-app purchases?
by SystemOverclock in Mobile Programming

I need to implement in-app purchases.

Can I test my test app without submitting to App Store?
How can I create a iTunes test account for in-app purchases?

Tax Information for New Car Purchases
by nasy in Personal Finance
When you buy a new car, you cannot normally take any tax deductions or credits for the purchase, unless the car is an alternative-fuel vehicle or purchased for business purposes. In some states, you can deduct the sales taxes from your new-car purchase, and for a limited time, you still have that option in all states. If you purchased a new car during a specific date range, you could also qualify

In-App purchases in Update
by Sunny Dhillon in Mobile Programming

I'm developing an update to an application. The application was originally free but I want to add in-app purchases.

Of course, I would like to test the application and make sure that the in-app purchase work well before submitting it to the AppStore.

I'm able to test the in-app purchases and they work well. However, I can only do that if I remove the previous version (wh

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Problems with In App Purchases
by XiandreX in Operating Systems

Our In-App Purchases are "Waiting for Review" for a long time. We forgot to connect them with the correct binary. So the binary was rejected. Is it possible to reject In-App purchases? Or what is the solution to connect them?

Finding sum of purchases
by Matt Willtrout in Programming Languages

Each User has many Purchases. I want to find the sum for each of the previous 28 days.

t1 = Time.now - (28.days)
t2 = Time.now
@dailysum = Array.new(29)
(0..29).each do |i|
@dailysum[i] = @user.purchases.where(:created_at => (Time.now-(i.day))..(Time.now-((i-1).days))).sum(:amount)

This works, but I

Restoring purchases in iOS
by patheems in Operating Systems

I am working on restoring purchases, So I have few doubts

1) How to show restore button

I have shown it on top left corner, and on click of it I call this function

- (IBAction)restorePurchases:(id)sender
[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addTransactionObserver:self];
[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue]restoreCompletedTransactio


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