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What Is the Purpose of an SOP?
by SpunkyJones in Business
A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a document dictating a set of explicit instructions to successfully accomplish a specific goal. SOPs are intended to be followed without deviation, and provide all the required details and decision branches required to perform a given procedure. PurposeSOPs provide for the uniform execution of a task, ensuring that every person who performs the task does
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The Purpose of DTT
by knockout-2.0 in Home & Garden
Discrete trial training (DTT) is a one-on-one teaching method based on teaching behavior through the repetition of small steps. DTT is used as a teaching method for children with learning difficulties, such as autism. PurposeThe purpose of teaching through DTT is to allow children with limited attention spans to learn through short spells of learning. DTT uses rewards for successful completion
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What Is the Purpose of the ISO?
by Kubla Khan in Business
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a global organization responsible for developing new standards for products and services. Each of its 163 member countries has its own office. The ISO's headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. DevelopmentThe ISO website reports the organization is responsible for developing standards for products and services that identify a need for
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How to Use a Bow Saw as an All Purpose Saw
by Bruce in Home & Garden
Saws come in a variety of types, but the most common are cross-cut or rip-cut saws. The bow saw is similar to smaller saws, such as a coping saw or miter saw, in that the blade is held by a stretch of bowed metal. The main difference with the bow saw is that its blade is built to cut on both the push and pull strokes. Bow saws can be used for large projects, like cutting trees, but you can readily
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What Is the Purpose of a USB Hub?
by jwyse in Computers
A PC user may wish to connect peripheral devices, such as a printer or scanner, to his computer to enhance its functionality. The number of peripherals may occasionally outnumber the connections available on a computer. A USB hub helps solve this problem. DefinitionA USB hub is a device that expands one USB port, or socket into which a USB cable is plugged in, on a computer into several ports.<
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The Purpose of an HMO
by ezzze in Health
When President Nixon signed the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act of 1973, significant changes were made to the way Americans received and paid for health care services. The authorization of HMOs strengthened efforts to manage health care costs by mandating preventive health measures, and managing how patients received services from high-cost medical specialists. HistoryHealth care orga
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What Is the Purpose of a Cut-Off in a Fan?
by NTMBK in Home & Garden
A cut-off is a very important safety feature in fans and gadgets and appliances with fans. The feature enables the fan motor to shut down when a dangerous situation is present. The cut-off prevents fires and damage to the motor due to improper ventilation. When purchasing items for your home, it is wise to spend a few dollars more to obtain items that have the cut-off feature. Cut-Off Availabil
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What Is the Purpose of Pop Up Ads?
by acacio in Internet
Pop-up ads launch when you visit certain websites. Their main aim is to try to persuade you to buy goods or services from the organization running the site or from a company that has paid them to feature the advert. Intrusive Marketing PracticeMany people consider pop-up ads to be an intrusion to web-browsing activities and privacy. Websites run by organizations with a strong ethical code avoid
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What Is the Purpose of a Gas Cap?
by ancapdev in Cars
A gas cap is an important part of a vehicle's gasoline tank. Although small in size and cheap in price, a gas cap provides a number of critical functions in regard to gasoline-tank safety and integrity. Seal Gas Tank FumesA gas cap prevents gas tank fumes from exiting a vehicle's gas tank. Gasoline vapors are known carcinogens that also contribute to poor air quality. A gas cap keeps these fume
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What Is the Purpose of hi5?
by Rakewell in Internet
Although it is not as popular as other social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, hi5 is a site that allows users from across the world to connect. As of November 2011, hi5 ranked 692nd on the Alexa list of the top websites in the world. Facebook ranked second and Twitter ranked ninth at the same time. PurposeLike other social networking websites, hi5's chief purpose is for users
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