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Querying database vs Querying IQueryable in order to create auto-complete functionality
by Fırat Can Başarır in Programming Languages

I have a texbox control in my wpf application where I will like to get a auto complete listbox as the user types in. In other words I have something like google's search box:

I have managed to do that in two ways and I will like to know which one is more efficient.

First way:

As user types into the textbox every time the texbox changes I update the list

How do I design the interface for querying if an optional field is involved as part of querying
by ShayH in Coding

How do I design the interface for querying if an optional field is part of the record.

Record contains (name, foo_type, bar_type, value)

foo_type could be foo1, foo2
bar_type is either bar1, bar2 and is valid only for foo1, if foo2 is stored the value of bar_type is always null.

I would like to filter records which are by a certain bar_type

Querying minimum value in SQL Server is a lot longer than querying all the rows
by Alexander Schuc in Network & Servers

I'm currently confronted with a strange behaviour in my database when I'm querying a minimum ID for a specific date in a table contains about a hundred million rows. The query is quite simple :

SELECT MIN(Id) FROM Connection WITH(NOLOCK) WHERE DateConnection = '2012-06-26'

This query nevers end, at least I let it run for hours. The DateConnection column is no

Querying associated images in one table after querying products from another
by CrookedNumber in Programming Languages

I used this code to connect to a database and fetch results. This worked perfectly until i tried to work in another query to the images table to get associated images. I'm not very experienced with OO programming. So hopefully someone can see where ive gone wrong and help me out.

global $__CMS_CONN__;
$sql = "SELECT * FROM ecom_products";

Querying mongodb - Using limit vs re-querying
by Leo in Coding

The scenario is that:

I am querying for data (duh!)

Potentially filtering some out server-side because to query exactly is not possible/reasonable i.e. complex query

The database may be under considerable load. There may be numerous parallel requests including updates.

So, I could

a) Not limit() the query and just keep streaming data u

querying csv with vbs
by tong in Programming Languages

There's a csv file like so, I can read it easily enough with the code below. But as you can see there are multiple name1, group1, status1, name2, group2, etc columns in the csv. Each user will have a different number of columns. I was wondering if there is a way to use wild cards where I'm calling objRecordset.Fields.Item("Group1") something like ("Group%") or if I can

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Querying for not None
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

I have a model with a reference property, eg:

class Data(db.Model):
x = db.IntegerProperty()
class Details(db.Model):
data = db.ReferenceProperty(reference_class = Data)

The data reference can be None.

I want to fetch all Details entities which have valid data, ie for which the reference property is not None.


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querying domino from php
by jbcrail in PHP

I've been tasked to extract data from a Domino and commit changes to it using PHP or web. I'm really new to Domino. I've been researching and it seems i must use urlcommands but i can't seem to find a way to directly extract/import data from Domino like a regular database. Another research of mine and i realized i need to code inside Designer, of which i don't have any idea how to extract/commi

Querying for Customers using the API
by Henschkowski in Coding

Using the command line shopify application

include ShopifyAPI
Customer.first(:params => {:query => "email:foo@fizz.com", :fields => "email"})
=> #<ShopifyAPI::Customer:0x00000100b75448 @attributes={"email"=>"poohbear@gmail.com"}, @prefix_options={}, @persisted=true>

I am curious if it is possible to have a query where you provi

querying for dns aliases
by Koen Willemse in Programming Languages

I found some code from the msdn site (Code included below), which looks like it will return all dns aliases for a given server. I've implemented the code in a cosole app, which should allow me to enter the host name of a server and it should return all dns alias names. I enter the host name of a server in our domain known to have aliases (I can ping the host and the aliases and they all resol

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