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How does Stackoverflow's “Post Your Question” button stay disabled until question gets submitted?
by Elcs in Programming Languages

I am using asp.net webforms; I want to submit a form and keep the button disabled until it gets saved to my database, exactly like Stackoverflow. Any suggestion?

protected void Lb_Save_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//disable my button
//Do a DB insert
//enable my button


I'll do a client-side val

A question on classifying question categories on Yahoo! Answer
by NeoTubNinja in Development Tools & Services

now I have a seemingly easy but challenging task.I need to develop a data set of questions,and I classify the questions into two categories:

Factoid questions: "who is the current president of France."
Free questions: "Can you rate the cameras below for me,please?"

now I need to know the percentage of both categories on Yahoo! answer so that I could maintain my data set ac

.htaccess question : Can I strip out a leading question mark?
by dbrews in Development Tools & Services

I have a page that already has the $_GET array initialized, and when a page redirects there (with an oAuth token) it appends the ?token=36264747 to the end.

Is there a way to write an .htaccess file for an Apache server that would either strip that question mark or (better) replace it with an ampersand?

Question about combating contravariance. Callback-related question
by neosephiroth86 in Programming Languages

I have the following piece of code which doesn't compile when I try to instance something like CommandGlobal<int> because it tries to override virtual void Execute() const =0; with a function which returns int. It gives a non-covariance error.

class CommandBase
virtual void Execute() const =0;

asp.net mvc nerddinner question linq to entities join question
by YBS1 in Programming Languages

I am working on a website similar to nerddinner. Is it possible to perform similar join
using Linq to entities what is done with linq to sql in nerddinner.
I am posting the codes below.

public IQueryable<Dinner> FindByLocation(float latitude, float longitude) {
var dinners = from dinner in FindUpcomingDinners()
join i in db.

MySQL table question. [MULTI PART QUESTION]
by odunthorne in Databases

I was wondering if I allowed my users to pick which categories their post will be displayed in and they can pick multiple categories from one to many.

How would I store the categories id value or values in the database?
Should I group each value together for example, 45,12,45,78 or should I store one value at a time?
And how would my table structure look like?
Or sho

Question regarding iPhone core data and how to duplicate features for multiple users…that doesn't make sense, just read my question :)
by redha in Programming Languages

So I am working on a simple iPhone app, that uses core data to manage objects. My code is similar in function to Apple's CoreDataBooks app, found here. There is a blank UITableViewCell, and you have the ability to add objects to this blank list. If you hit the add button, a DetailViewController pops up that manages the attribute of each object. In the coredatabooks example, the app is like a li

ASP.Net MVC requirements vs ASP.Net? (hosting question, plus LINQ-to-SQL question)
by vyazkov in Programming Languages

I'm jumping into ASP.Net MVC and wanted to know how tough it's been for hosting providers to support it.

One thing that I'd like to know is how I can port my local MVC app to a hosted provider if I'm using LINQ to SQL. I assume I have to move the dbml files over in some way? What else that's special in contrast to a regular ASP.Net app? (Sorry if this is a complete newbie questio

I have a string 'Question', how to get an instance of class Question
by FriendL in Programming Languages
class_name = 'Question'
instance = which_method(class_name)

Which method I should use?

K&R exercise question to an answer about the original question
by Hubb1e in Programming Languages

I kept trying to wrap my head around a solution to K&R problem 7-8, until I found this solution (with the original problem) right on this site. I am unable to comment on the answer (probably due to its age); the only way I could actually have input in that question is to post an answer to it, which I felt was inappropriate. So i've decided to create this heavily related question based off t

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