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Configure nservicebus to automatically create servicebus queue and error queue on azure
by Timur Asaliev in Programming Languages

We are currently using nservicebus to read message off an azure servicebus queue.

I can create the queues I need through code but does anyone know if I can setup the config file to create the error and input queues automatically on azure?

MSMQ messages disappear from outbound queue but never arrive in the inbound queue
by MJRider in Programming Languages

I have a strange issue setting up an existing application on our new internal Cloud.

I have a simple messaging system that pushes a message from one server (Server1) onto a MSMQ on another server (Server2). The messages disappear off the outbound but never appear in the inbound queue.

When I take Server2 msmq off line the messages build up on Server1. Restarting Msmq on

How to move a beanstalkd job in the ready queue to the front if the queue is very big and is taking a while to process?
by oferrer in Programming Languages

I had a quick question in regards to a beanstalkd queue.

So say I have 500,000 ready jobs in the beanstalk queue which are just waiting be processed and at the same time more jobs are being added to this queue. All of these jobs have the same priority.

Is it possible to move a job in the ready queue so that it can be processed before all of the other jobs in that queue?<

Can a REMOTE QUEUE definition unexpectadly utilize the CLUSTER transmit queue
by Nulq in Programming Languages

I've got a clustered partner in WMQ on distributed platforms (HP-UX). They and the qmgr they are putting messages to are both members of "my" cluster, but have never utilized the cluster relationship to communicate amonst themselves. They have a remote queue def, transmit queue (named as the queue manager), unique point to point sender/receiver channel pair, etc., but he claims that a TRACE R

configuring MSMQ to route messages from one queue to another queue (target)
by Kneedragger in Programming Languages

My requirement is as follows:

I need to write messages to a queue on one machine-1 which should be routed in to another queue on another machine-2 (within the network) by MSMQ automatically.

Is this possible?

Can this be done WITHOUT a program polling for the presence of messages and moving the messages to machine-2 programatically?

For MSMQ t

How do I create a queue browser (preview not consume) in C# for an ActiveMQ queue?
by dunlop in C & C++ & C#

I'm using the NMS API for reading/writing ActiveMQ in C#, and I cannot find a way to preview the messages on a queue. I could read and rollback - but that'll make them DLQ eventually.

In my previous life, TIBCO had a QueueBrowser object that could be used, and I think JMS had IQueueBrowser as well. I cannot find an ActiveMQ .NET equivalent.

Are there console commands to look at whats in the queue and to clear the queue in Sidekiq?
by andystacy in Programming Languages

I'm used to using delayed_jobs method of going into the console to see whats in the queue, and the ease of clearing the queue when needed. Are there similar commands in Sidekiq for this? Thanks!

Python Queue issue - queue.get doesn't remove an object
by el3ctron in Development Tools & Services

I'm creating a threaded python script that puts into a queue some hosts/ips and then an unknown amount of threads (default is 10) gets this hosts from queue and executes a snmp query. Snmp query is working but every thread is doing query of all hosts.
Host wants to receive only single call from random thread. Here I get the call to host from each thread.

#!/usr/bin/env pytho

Python: Why are some of Queue.queue's method “unreliable”?
by coding-style in Development Tools & Services

In the queue class from the Queue module, there are a few methods, namely, qsize, empty and full, whose documentation claims they are "not reliable".

What exactly is not reliable about them?

I did notice that on the Python docs site, the following is said about qsize:

Note, qsize(

Queue File based persistence - WebSphere MQ vs SQLite queue (WAL)
by Govind Bhavan in Programming Languages

I use Websphere MQ and it comes by default with a "file based queue". So each queue typically has ONE physical file on disk.

So lets say for this Websphere MQ queue we have multiple readers and writers....I assume there will be some "millisecond locking" overhead between reads and writes, yet I guarantee it will still be quicker than using a full database like DB2 etc.


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