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What to Consider Before Quitting Your Job
by Mytime34 in Personal Finance
Job satisfaction depends on finding a job that you truly enjoy, which fully utilizes your education and professional experience while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find an ideal job, and employees may find themselves wanting or needing to quit their current jobs for any number of reasons. While it may be easy for a teenager to

Steps to Take When Quitting a Job
by foghorn67 in Business
Sometimes, the dream job just turns into the daily grind. In other cases, the job is simply not ideal from the start. If you notice that you're viewing your job as more of a hassle or that you're just going through the motions to receive the paycheck every month, it could be time for a change. Form a plan when you intend to quit your job. Weigh the DecisionBefore taking any affirmative steps to

How to Cash Out a 401(k) Before Quitting a Job
by FallenHero in Personal Finance
Your 401k allows you to save money for retirement through non-taxable payroll deductions. The IRS restricts your access to the accumulated balance to encourage its intended use. According to the IRS, quitting your job is one of the few triggers that allows you to cash in your 401k. You must separate from service to your employer, and employers must verify your termination date on your withdrawal r

Can You Cash Out a 401(k) Without Quitting?
by WicKeD in Personal Finance
A 401k plan is a way to save and invest for retirement. Contributions to a 401k are made with pretax dollars, and pretax contributions lower the person's taxable income. In addition, pretax dollars are not counted as income when determining a taxpayer's eligibility for various tax credits. There are a variety of rules that restrict how and when you can withdraw money from your 401k. 401k Basic

Quitting a Job Without Notice
by Steve O. in Business
Disgruntled employees may dream of one day walking into their boss's office and telling him that they are quitting immediately. While this may make the employee feel good temporarily, in the long run, it typically does more harm than good. In most cases, the better course of action is to follow the company's rules for a proper parting of the ways and to cooperate with its wishes until the final da

Process of Quitting a Job
by ms-access in Careers & Job Searching
There are right ways and wrong ways to do just about anything, and that includes quitting a job. The quitting process needs to be completed in a professional and well thought out way. Planning for a resignation is just as important as how the resignation meeting is conducted. It's important to conduct yourself in a professional way until the final day, hour and minute of your service. Before Re
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Can My Employer Ask Me Why I Am Quitting?
by Jimmy G. in Business
While not every employee must deal with pointy-haired bosses, evil photocopy machines or co-workers with anger management issues, leaving a job can be nerve-racking. Telling a boss that you're leaving is a little like breaking up from a relationship. In some instances, you do not need to provide a reason for your decisions. That may not stop your employer for asking for one, however. At-Will Em

How Do You Help Train Someone for the Job You Are Quitting?
by zz64 in Careers & Job Searching
Training for a new job can be challenging, but sometimes the best person to train you is the person who is quitting that job. He is familiar with the routines, procedures and policies of the company and can tell you firsthand how to do the job. The person training the new employee has the opportunity to make sure that his shoes are filled with someone who is capable, prepared and ready to do a goo

How to Let Your Employer Know You Will Be Quitting
by Ernest Hill in Careers & Job Searching
Every employee will decide to quit a job at some point in his career. The prospect of moving on to another job with a new employer is exciting, but does require thoughtful planning so that all parties involved may benefit. Leaving your employer should not be a negative experience. Instead, quitting in a professional manner allows you to leave a positive impression of your work and the opportunity

iPhone SDK Quitting
by AnToni00 in Mobile Programming

I have found many apps where you can press a button or something similar and the application will terminate and bring you back to the home screen. How would I do this?

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