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I want to CREATE A SHORT FUNCTION IN EXCEL-VBA for a complex Formula (Count Range, Divide Range by a Range, Find Minimum Number)
by dyarborough in Programming Languages

I have following items in my formula:

What is the Difference Between a Slide-In Range, a Drop-In Range, & a Built-In Range Oven?
by Barry in Home & Garden
Home range technology has come a long way in the last 50 years. Though all ranges perform the same basic functions, there are some fundamental differences between a slide-in range, a drop-in range and a built-in range oven that you'll need to know before making any definitive purchase decisions. PurposeRanges use direct heat to cook food. Some ranges also include specific features and attachmen

How to calculate that no sub range overlap each other and all sub range covers whole range in java?
by Rob Archer in Java

I have a range in java implemented as a class which is divided into sub-ranges. The implementation is roughly as follows:

public class Range
static public class Key implements Comparable<Key>
public int start;
public int end;
Key range;
SortedMap<Key, Range> subRange;

Correlate Range.Text to Range.Start and Range.End
by John Studdert in Web Design

I'm using regular expressions to search against the plain text returned by the following property:

namespace Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
public class Range
public string Text { get; set; }

Based upon the matches I want to make changes to the formatted text that corre

Excel - Why is the SUMPRODUCT() function returning #VALUE! when I use a range or named range rather than an array constant?
by dlock13 in Programming Languages

I've got an issue in Excel that I can't seem to work out:

I'm using SUMPRODUCT() function to calculate a sliding-scale commission. I've got the basics of it worked out by reading this page: http://www.mcgimpsey.com/excel/variablerate.html
which states that I can work out commission as so:

=SUMPRODUCT(--(A1>$J$2:$J$5), (A1-$J$2:$J$5), $L$2:$L$5)

Fetching a range of values(daily basis) instead of aggregated score for a given date range
by RockinZ28 in Web Design

In the Google Analytics API, is there a way to fetch a range of values(daily basis) between a given date range(say: '2013-01-01' to '2013-02-01') instead of a total score?

The query:


How to do inclusive range queries when only half-open range is supported (ala SortedMap.subMap)
by Furchin in Programming Languages
On SortedMap.subMap

This is the API for SortedMap<K,V>.subMap:

SortedMap<K,V> subMap(K fromKey, K toKey) : Returns a view of the portion of this map whose keys range from fromKey, inclusive, to toKey, exclusive.

This inclusive lower bound, exclusive upper bound combo ("half-open range")

Mysql: Select range between dates and adding extra rows (not days) to the range
by sirjoekcb in Databases

I have a table with dates and prices in it and I'm trying to select a range between two dates but I also want to add n extra rows after the end date.

This is a sample of the data:

2013-01-09 29.67,
2013-01-08 29.51,
2013-01-07 28.69,
2013-01-04 28.01,
2013-01-03 27.88,
2013-01-02 27.44,
2012-12-31 26.20,

For example I'm doing:

How do I convert a unicode code point range into an NSString character range?
by Jpark in Programming Languages

I have an NSString and a unicode code point range that represents a specific section of the text in that NSString. Since the characters in that NSString do not correspond one-to-one with code points, I need to somehow convert my code point range into the corresponding character range. How do I do this?

I know I can use the NSString

Scala inconsistant type signatures: Range.toList and Range.toArray
by jwyse in Programming Languages

I just converted the following Java into Scala:

char[] map = new char[64];
int i=0;
for (char c='A'; c<='Z'; c++) map[i++] = c;
for (char c='a'; c<='z'; c++) map[i++] = c;
for (char c='0'; c<='9'; c++) map[i++] = c;
map[i++] = '+';
map[i++] = '/';

My first attempt was an array:

val map1 = (
('A' to

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