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How to express existential types using higher rank (rank-N) type polymorphism?
by youtube-api in Programming Languages

We're used to having universally quantified types for polymorphic functions. Existentially quantified types are used much less often. How can we express existentially quantified types using universal type quantifiers?

easy trigger to rank dates and insert rank - apex - salesforce
by errornosignal in Web Design

I'm new to Salesforce and do not have any coding experience. I've been so impressed with SF that I'm now on a mission to learn APEX. In order to learn APEX, I need to learn java. So after struggling to create triggers - and to make since of code examples out there - I signed up for an intro java CS class through iTunesU (free - from Stanford).

I could be a hero with a friend at

rank() doesn't rank properly when using with scienctific notation number
by Thomas Plunkett in Programming Languages

I tried to order csv file but the rank() function acting weird on number with -E notation.

> comparison = read.csv("e:/thesis/comparison/output.csv", header=TRUE)
> comparison$proxygeneld_full.txt[0:20]
[1] 9.34E-07 4.04E-06 4.16E-06 7.17E-06 2.08E-05 3.00E-05
[7] 3.59E-05 4.16E-05 7.75E-05 9.50E-05 0.0001116 0.00012452

Primary Care Rank V. Research Rank for Medical Schools
by Texas in Education
U.S. News and World Report ranks medical schools in the United States according to two criteria: primary care rank and research rank. Research rank is designed to identify top research-producing medical schools, whereas primary care rank identifies schools that excel in training primary care physicians. These ranking systems involve weighting and averaging seven to eight indicators, some of which

How Long Do You Have to Hold Rank to Retire at That Rank in the Air Force?
by deom2i in Personal Finance
The military retirement system, as complex as it is, attempts to provide fair retirement compensation to service members. The amount of compensation an Air Force member receives depends primarily on his rank and time in service. In most cases, enlisted personnel or officers retire at the highest rank they achieved. Their retirement pay, however, involves more complex calculations. Rank and Comm

How Does Alexa Rank Affect SEO Rank?
by MisterLilBig in Internet
Web information company Alexa publishes detailed Web statistics on its website, the most well-known of which is the Alexa Traffic Rank. Webmasters often refer to this as "Alexa Rank," which measures how popular a website is. Most website owners also keep track of their site's position in search engine results, or "SEO rank." You may have interest in both rankings if you own a website, but it is im

How to Know Your GPA Rank
by Erik Ordway in Education
Your grade point average, or GPA, is the numerical value that represents your academic performance. It is the average of the grade points that you receive during a semester or over the course of your academic career (cumulative GPA). Your GPA is an important figure that determines your academic standing and tells where you rank among your classmates. It can have an impact on your ability to gain a
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how can i do a rank with SQL
by Guilherme Costa in Databases

I have a table with an id and a value.
How can I rank an element of the table in order desc by its value?
What I want to do is:


And i want it to tell me for exemple the position of id=4

thanks a lot for answering!

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How to Put Rank on an ACU Cap
by denis280 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The ACU is the Army Combat Uniform, the digitally camouflaged multi-purpose combat and work uniform of the Army. The ACU replaced the previous woodland camouflaged Battle Dress Uniform, or BDU. Part of the ACU is the patrol cap, a cover that must be worn outdoors. Rank displayed on the patrol cap is sewn into the cap. The ACUs use hook-and-loop attachments to secure additional uniform items such a
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How to Rank Up in GTA IV
by xetrill in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The online mode in the game "Grand Theft Auto IV" ("GTA IV") allows you to rank up your character as you cut a swath of destruction across Liberty City. You rank up in "GTA IV" by performing a variety of tasks, each emulating certain missions in the regular single-player game. You will take the skills and techniques you learned offline and put them to good work by leveling up online.Difficulty:Eas
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