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pdfkit command failed: “/usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf” “--page-size” “Letter” “… ”--quiet“ ”
by Bjørn Håkon in Programming Languages

i'm using pdfkit for generating pdf when i generate pdf it gives me following error.

command failed: "/usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf" "--page-size" "Letter"
"--margin-top" "0.75in" "--margin-right" "0.75in" "--margin-bottom"
"0.75in" "--margin-left" "0.75in" "--encoding" "UTF-8" "--print-media-type"
"--quiet" "-" "-"

Any help?


Definitions of “primitive”, “value type”, “struct”, “class”, “wrap” in Java and C#
by Jim Davis in Java

I have been trying to understand the use of "primitives" in Java and C# and the difference between them (if any). I have asked a series of questions on SO and some of the answers seem to confuse the issue rather than clarify it. Some answers (and some MS documentation) appear to provide contradictory statements. From SO


C# Regular Expressions for Matching “ABAB”, “AABB”, “ABB”, “AAB”, “ABAC” and “ABCB&r
by drnickriviera in Programming Languages

I'm frustrated with composing regular expressions for Matching "ABAB", "AABB", "ABB", "AAB", "ABAC" and "ABCB".

Let's take "ABAB" for example, all the following string will be matched:


Which means the RegEx should match a string whose 1st and 3rd characters are same, and 2nd and 4th are also s

how to convert Photoshop layer effects(“Inner Shadow”,“Outer Glow”,“Bevel and Emboss”,“Color Overlay,”
by jcwagers in Development Tools & Services

I tried to import ".psd" file in Expression blend 4.But there is no way to get ayer effects("Inner Shadow","Outer Glow","Bevel and Emboss","Color Overlay,"Gradient Overlay") as Editable.
is there Any other way to convert those layer style to Editable code(xaml file).

How to implement the “Edit” menu with “Undo”, “Cut”, “Paste” and “Copy”?
by Steve O. in Development Tools & Services


for one of my applications I'm trying to implement an "Edit" menu. This menu usually has the standard-entries Undo, Cut, Copy and Paste.

This menu is not there by default, and users seem to expect it especially on Mac OS X.

Is there a an easier way of implementing this, without doing so in every widget manually? Since most widgets have the copy/pas

Can I access elements/methods named “button1” “button2” “button3” etc. using “buttoni” inside a for-lo
by InfiniteLurker in Programming Languages

I have a bunch of buttons named:


Is there a way to basically do this?

for(int i = 1, i < 15, i++) {
button{i}.selected = YES;

This also goes for method calls, etc. I've often thought such a way of calling methods would be very convenient, but I d

<link rel=“Stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“<% ResolveUrl(”~/Css/test.css“) %>”/>
by Maine in Programming Languages
Error 5 ; expected
<link rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<% ***ResolveUrl("~/Css/test.css");*** %>"/>

Do i need to give ; over here as my solution is not still working it starts giving some other error

How to designate “priority” levels in a database application “low” “normal” “high”?
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Web Design

I'm working on a database-driven web application that must keep track of "tasks" that are assigned to users by management.

I was told that the tasks should be categorized by priority: "low", "normal", or "high". I told the manager who described the requirement this way that I am familiar with another application that keeps track of tasks for a completely separate system. Users des

How come Facebook's Graph API issue a cookie for “access_token”, “secret”, “session_key”, “sig”&he
by chintown in Development Tools & Services

The following is what Facebook gives as a cookie to a website that uses Facebook connect.

It issues one cookie with the name fbs____<appID>_____, and can be splitted using the & character: (numbers changed... but they are in similar form)

[0] => "access_token=32480239450325|2.39F_lt3098asddASDL__.3600.12878

.Net RegEx match pattern “aebecea” / “aebeceb”/ “aebecec” / “beceaec”
by mysql in Programming Languages

I have .Net Regex ([abc][e])+([abc]) but when I try to match, it matches only few characters and not the whole string in a group.

Here is my input and desired output groups

aebeceaxyz - Group 1 (aebece), Group 2 (a)
aebecebxyz - Group 1 (aebece), Group 2 (b)
aebececxyz - Group 1 (aebece), Group 2 (c)
beceaecxyz - Group 1 (beceae), Group 2 (c)

In my R

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