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Cannot reach reach jQuery (in parent document ) from IFRAME
by chaoyi in Programming Languages

I have written a backup program for SugarCRM. My program sets a iframe to src=BACKUP.PHP

My backup program sends updates to parent window with:

echo "<script type='text/javascript'>parent.document.getElementById('file_size').value='".fileSize2human(filesize($_SESSION['archive_file_name']))."';parent.document.getElementById('file_count').value=".$_SE

Reach and Social Reach are zero when we specify date criteria
by kanda in Development Tools & Services

We try to get the unique stats on Facebook Ads API and we've some difficult to get. Currently, we can only pull the reach (unique_impressions) and the social reach (social_unique_impressions) for one day otherwise when we specify date criteria these fields are returned as zero. We know that unique stats aren't meant to be aggregated. How to retrieve these values? how do you calculate?

circular image horizontal scrollview in android so that when i reach last image, first will come and when i reach first image, last will come
by Kumar Anand in Android

Hello i am using the horizontal image scrolling with the reference of Slide show Demo .

Now i want to make it circular so that when my 43rd image comes the scroll will not be stopped it should come with the first image.

i have added the images like this.

public void addImagesToView() {
for (int j = 0; j < Utility.image_array.length; j++) {

How to reach CSS zen?
by CrimsonGore in Web Design

CSS looks like a set of tricks to me. Whenever I read about some css technique, it looks much more like tricks that techniques. When I write CSS, I often need to adapt the html structure and I feel bad.

Did some of you had some enlightenment and enjoy CSS zen ? How did you reach CSS zen ?

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How to Do Each Assassination in Reach
by dantino in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In "Halo: Reach," the first-person shooter developed by Bungie for the Xbox 360, players are able to perform special assassination kills on opposing players. A successful assassination rewards a player with an instant kill against his opponent, delivered in a visceral animation. There are many assassination animations that can be seen in "Halo: Reach," though in most situations, the animation perf

How to Reach Your Desired GPA
by Matt Brewer in Education
Academic careers are calculated based on your grade point average (GPA). Your GPA is an accumulation of all of your grades and the number of courses you took during your high school or college career. You need to work hard to reach a certain grade point average, especially if your GPA is already on the low side.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Figure out what your GPA is so you know where
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How to Reach Forgiveness
by Kavoos in Relationships & Family
It can be hard to avoid striking back against someone who has lashed out against you, either emotionally or physically. If you want to forgive others for their behaviors, you must first make peace within your mind. Learning to let go of grudges and forgive can be beneficial for mental and physical health. Forgiving others can lower stress levels and blood pressure, as well as being healthy for you

How to Reach God Through Prayer
by Israel in Culture & Society
Prayer is simply talking to God. You can speak to God out loud or silently in your mind. To reach God through prayer, you simply have to begin praying, and God will always listen to you. One form of prayer involves spending time in a quiet place and meditating on God and his nature, opening your mind spiritually so that you can experience the presence of God.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Begin yo

How to Reach an AT&T Supervisor
by waggy in Electronics
Getting perfect performance for your Internet, cable, home phone or wireless phone through AT&T or any other utility company can be difficult at times. One way to resolve such issues pertaining to service or billing is to contact customer service. Unfortunately, this may cause frustration for many who find themselves placed on hold for lengthy amount of times or speaking with automated representat
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How to Reach a Compromise
by CyberGreg in Legal
Divorce is emotionally and financially challenging. In the heat of a bitter separation, it may seem impossible that you and your spouse could ever agree about anything. However, as time passes and you have a chance to reflect, you may come to see the benefits of compromising in your divorce negotiations. Not only will compromise make the process of divorce less stressful, but it will also likely r
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