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Problem: Java-Read socket (Bluetooth) input stream until a string (<!MSG>) is read
by dummyadresse in Java

I use the following code (from Bluetooth Chat sample app) to read the incoming data and construct a string out of the bytes read. I want to read until this string has arrived <!MSG>. How to insert this condition with read() function?

The whole string looks like this <MSG><N>xxx<!N><V>yyy<!V><!MSG>. But the read() fu

Arduino EthernetServer read() only works when Serial is initialized and read characters are printed
by Rakewell in Programming Languages

I have an Arduino project where I read data from a webserver.

I have an EthernetClient that reads the data character by character in a callback function.

My working code looks like (only the relevant parts):

void setup() {
void loop() {
char* processedData = processData(callback); // th

read: read error: 0: Resource temporarily unavailable after mpirun in bash script
by Guid in Development Tools & Services

I have tried to find the solution online for my issue. I have narrowed it down to mpirun causing the issues as merely invoking the executable does not return issues. I have tried to redirect outputs but to no luck.

I receive the error in the title for every read I attempt to do after I run mpirun. Here are the relevant line of code.

mpirun -np $numcores $dir/va

Android read failed exception when trying to read vCard contact data
by ruby in Programming Languages

I'm trying to export my contacts to vCard format with this code :

(found here : http://androidcodeexamples.blogspot.in/2012/06/export-contacts-as-vcf-file-in-android.html)

Cursor phones = mContext.getContentResolver().query(
ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone.CONTENT_URI, null,
null, null, null);

Android: How to read a number as int from a String; basically to read Text of a ListViewItem?
by Jorgemr in Programming Languages

This is my problem.

I have a ListView, each row is a CheckedTextView.
The list view items are "1", "2" and "3".
When a ListItem is clicked, I want to read the number and assign it to an int variable.
I did the following to read the Text of the clicked item:

onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View v, int position, long id) {

ruby: `read': Invalid argument -(Errno::EINVAL) at File.read
by James Lupiani in Programming Languages

I'm doing a simple script to check crc of all files...

require "zlib"
exit if Object.const_defined?(:Ocra)
files = Dir.glob("*")
File.open('dir.txt', 'a+') do |file|
file.puts files
File.read('dir.txt').each_line { |line|
file = File.read(line) ; nil
file_crc = Zlib.crc32(file,0).to_s(16)
puts line, file_crc
Performance: use a BinaryReader on a MemoryStream to read a byte array, or read directly?
by piratus in Programming Languages

I would like to know whether using a BinaryReader on a MemoryStream created from a byte array (byte[]) would reduce performance significantly.

There is binary data I want to read, and I get that data as an array of bytes. I am currently deciding between two approaches to read the data, and have to implement many reading methods accordingly. Aft

passing a parameter with onclick function is read as a variable when it should be read as a string
by wraith in Web Design

Here is my issue:

I am creating dynamically a button with an onclick function like this:

$("#test).html('<input type="button" value="Close" onclick="remove('+param1+','+param2+');" />');

The parameters are well read but the function is not trigger, and I've got this error message:
"bob is not defined" when bob is the string value of t

RandomAccessFile.read() returns value greater than number of characters read into string
by chuck1723 in Programming Languages

I have a RandomAccessFile raFile from which I'm reading data into a buffer in fixed sized chunks:

byte[] fileBuffer = new byte[BUFFER_SIZE];
while((readBytes = raFile.read(fileBuffer) >= 0) {
String bufferStr = new String(fileBuffer, 0, readBytes);
String testerStr = new String(fileBuffer);

Idea on implementing read not read functionality for social network's notification?
by hunaid mushtaq in Network & Servers

As for Stackoverflow itself, the owner of a question and all others who give out comments and solutions are involved in that specific question. Then when there is a new answer or new comment, people that are involved will be notified until they actually read it. Personally I think, when building up the database table, we need a table to link members to questions to show the involvement, but I'm

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