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document-ready v/s body-ready v/s window-ready event
by Joshua Johnson in Web Design

Whats the different between these three events ?

Which one loads before/after others ?

<script type='text/javascript'>
console.log('Document %s',+new Date());
console.log('Body %

My jQuery ready function is firing too early… It's not ready!
by zuz in Programming Languages

I'm adding resizable to several div tags that are part of a complex page. But the $(document).ready() if executing too early. Not everything has been parsed and the resizable fails.

How do I get jQuery to really wait until the document is ready?

I've tried...


By adding

forcing a jQuery ready block to run after all other ready blocks
by sql-server in Programming Languages

Is it possible to have one jQuery ready block executed after all others have done so.

I have this in my master page ...

<script type="text/javascript">
$("input[type='text']:enabled:first", document.forms[0]).focus().select();

and this in one of m

jQuery (document).ready not waiting for DOM to be ready
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

Site I'm working on right now is binnooh.com . I've got a very subtle animation in the header. When first loading the page, or refreshing with cmd+shift+r (mac) to clear the cache, jQuery really doesn't seem to wait for the DOM to be ready. It starts the animation before all the normal html/css has popped up.

Am I just misunderstanding exactly what (document).ready actually does?

Is there a difference between $().ready() and $(document).ready()
by Paul J Warner in Programming Languages

I've seen some code where they just do this:


This is shorter than doing a document selector but is it the same thing?

$(document).Ready() loads Flexigrid, but not when called again by other function outside $(document).Ready()
by MadViking in Web Design

I have a function called "loadTimeTrackersGrid()", which loads a flexigrid.
The setup looks like this :

$(document).ready(function () {
var editTrackerID = 0;

The beginning of the function looks like this :

function loadTimeTrackersGrid(caseStatus) {
var url = 'Utili

Is $(document).ready() also CSS ready?
by Nidleb in Web Design

I've got a script executing on $(document).ready() that's supposed to vertically align block element in my layout. 90% of the time, it works without issue. However, for that extra 10% one of two things happens:

There's an obvious lag in the time it takes to do the centering, and the block elements jump into position. This could simply be performance related - as the page size is oft

How can I merge my “ready” changes to another branch without commiting the “non-ready” changes?
by Timothy in Development Tools & Services

I've got two branches: master and development. The development branch contains a few completed new features and a couple unfinished modifications – nothing is committed yet, though. Master hasn't changed since the creation of the dev branch.

I want to commit the completed features to dev and merge those back into the master branch for deploy

What Do You Do With a Wi-Fi Ready TV?
by juma in Business
Wi-Fi readiness is an Interactive feature available on many newer televisions. This feature helps to make televisions more than passive devices used to watch programming by allowing you to interact with available programming. Additionally, this technology enables you to connect compatible devices to your television over a wireless network to access additional entertainment, educational and informa
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What Is HD Ready?
by Alan Xu in Electronics
High-definition television is the highest quality level of digital television, but it is important to note that HDTV is just one of several DTV formats. Other DTV formats include standard definition and enhanced definition, both of which provide better picture quality than traditional analog television. If you’re shopping for an HDTV, you need to know that “HD Ready” doesn't nece
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