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document-ready v/s body-ready v/s window-ready event
by Joshua Johnson in Web Design

Whats the different between these three events ?

Which one loads before/after others ?

<script type='text/javascript'>
console.log('Document %s',+new Date());
console.log('Body %

My jQuery ready function is firing too early… It's not ready!
by zuz in Programming Languages

I'm adding resizable to several div tags that are part of a complex page. But the $(document).ready() if executing too early. Not everything has been parsed and the resizable fails.

How do I get jQuery to really wait until the document is ready?

I've tried...


By adding

forcing a jQuery ready block to run after all other ready blocks
by sql-server in Programming Languages

Is it possible to have one jQuery ready block executed after all others have done so.

I have this in my master page ...

<script type="text/javascript">
$("input[type='text']:enabled:first", document.forms[0]).focus().select();

and this in one of m

jQuery (document).ready not waiting for DOM to be ready
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

Site I'm working on right now is binnooh.com . I've got a very subtle animation in the header. When first loading the page, or refreshing with cmd+shift+r (mac) to clear the cache, jQuery really doesn't seem to wait for the DOM to be ready. It starts the animation before all the normal html/css has popped up.

Am I just misunderstanding exactly what (document).ready actually does?

Is there a difference between $().ready() and $(document).ready()
by Paul J Warner in Programming Languages

I've seen some code where they just do this:


This is shorter than doing a document selector but is it the same thing?

$(document).Ready() loads Flexigrid, but not when called again by other function outside $(document).Ready()
by MadViking in Web Design

I have a function called "loadTimeTrackersGrid()", which loads a flexigrid.
The setup looks like this :

$(document).ready(function () {
var editTrackerID = 0;

The beginning of the function looks like this :

function loadTimeTrackersGrid(caseStatus) {
var url = 'Utili

Is $(document).ready() also CSS ready?
by Nidleb in Web Design

I've got a script executing on $(document).ready() that's supposed to vertically align block element in my layout. 90% of the time, it works without issue. However, for that extra 10% one of two things happens:

There's an obvious lag in the time it takes to do the centering, and the block elements jump into position. This could simply be performance related - as the page size is oft

How can I merge my “ready” changes to another branch without commiting the “non-ready” changes?
by Timothy in Development Tools & Services

I've got two branches: master and development. The development branch contains a few completed new features and a couple unfinished modifications – nothing is committed yet, though. Master hasn't changed since the creation of the dev branch.

I want to commit the completed features to dev and merge those back into the master branch for deploy

now.js not ready
by AnToni00 in Development Tools & Services

I have a bit of an issue. I'm trying to create a dynamic web app using node.js/express.js/now.js. I've done everything as shown in the small sample code at http://nowjs.com/download , with no success, the client-side now.js script hosted properly, but now.ready(..) never fires. The only differences are that I use express and my server which is used to initialze now.js is https.

Do y

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3D-Ready Vs. a 3D TV
by SeaSerpent in Electronics
Although 3D TVs and 3D Ready TVs can display images in 3D, differences exist between the two. In each case, you will need to have a pair of 3D glasses to view the 3D content, though 3D TVs that do not require glasses are being developed. Knowing the difference between a 3D and 3D Ready TV will help you decide which one is best for you. 3D TVA 3D TV is a television that can display 3D images rig
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