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Hair Relaxer Vs. Rebonding
by pankaj in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
There are various options for straightening curly hair these days. The most popular method involves using a chemical relaxer. In the last few years, rebonding treatments, also known as keratin treatments or Brazilian straightening, have been marketed as a "healthy" straightening process. Both straighteners break the hair's chemical bonds and alter their structure, consequently damaging

How to Do Hair Rebonding at Home
by dormsbee in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Rebonding is a chemical process that straightens the hair. This straightening method is available for all hair types. The chemicals break the natural bonds of the hair--whether curly or wavy--and restructure these bonds to make hair straight. Rebonding is a permanent process that leaves hair sleek, smooth and straight. Rebonding is a time-consuming process that has to be done correctly to prevent

Can Hair Rebonding Damage My Roots?
by jwright30 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
A permanent way to tame unwanted frizz and flyaway hairs is to get your hair rebonded. Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment process that breaks down the bonds of the hair shafts in order to rebuild them in a way that keeps hair looking sleek and straight. Despite the fact that you no longer have to rely on a flat iron, this straight version of a perm has aftereffects on your hair. EffectsLike

Hair Rebonding Procedure Treatment
by mck66productions in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
If you suffer from short, frizzy, and lackluster hair, all hope is not lost in achieving the look you desire for your tresses. More women are looking to hair rebonding as an answer to problems of dull, unmanageable hair. However, before you consider rebonding as an option, you need to understand exactly what the treatment entails. The ProcessThe rebonding process starts with the application of


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