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.Net Remoting - Reboot Server and get reboot status
by M0dusFRee in Programming Languages

I have a client server set up between different computers on a network using .Net Remoting in C#.
The server runs in a service that starts up when the computer turns on.

I want the client to be able to restart the computer that is running the server service and receive a status if the restart succeeded or failed.

What is the best approach?

I found three

adb reboot recovery does not reboot samsung galaxy tab 10.1 into recovery mode
by Dennis Caldwell in Programming Languages

I am trying to root my Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and following the instructions here -


However, when I type adb reboot recovery, the tablet shuts down but does not reboot. What am I doing wrong?

How to Reboot a Mac G4
by FodderMK in Computers
Computer users fall into two camps: those who shut down their systems at the close of every working day and those who leave them running for long periods of time, placing them in sleep or hibernation mode during off-use hours. The first group claims its systems last longer and use less electricity because of its practices. The second group cites instant-on convenience and reduced wear and tear tha
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How to Reboot a PS3 SM
by BooTeK in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Rebooting a PlayStation 3 is slightly more involved than rebooting a device like a computer. When you turn off your PS3 via the controller it doesn't really shut off -- it goes into "standby" mode. In order to properly reboot your PlayStation 3 you need to put it into standby and then use a switch on the back of the console to properly shut the unit down, disconnecting it from all power.Difficulty
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How to Reboot & Fix PCs
by Justin Bowers in Computers
Computer errors are not uncommon, and chances are you have suffered your share. Some extreme computer errors can't be handled from within the normal Windows 7 setup. For these problems, it is best to boot into "Safe Mode." In Safe Mode, the only programs set to run are those that Windows needs to boot, which means everything else is disabled. In Safe Mode, problems can be fixed since less files ar
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How to Reboot a Mac G3
by BiaachMonkie in Computers
If your Power Macintosh G3 is frozen, there are three ways to reboot your computer. There are several different G3 models but each can quickly be rebooted. (This article assumes you are running Mac OS X.)Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Power Macintosh G3
Mac OS X

Press "Command (Apple key) + Control + keyboard power key."
Find the reset button on your

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How to Reboot a PC in DOS
by jrok96 in Computers
The most common method of rebooting a computer is selecting the "Restart" option from the shutdown screen. However, if for some reason you are unable to reboot the computer through this process, you have other ways to reboot the computer. One such way is typing in a command for the computer to reboot through the command prompt. In Windows XP, you still see this as DOS. Through this metho
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How to Reboot an Eee PC
by chetansha in Computers
Most minor Asus Eee PC system-error and frozen-operating-system issues can be resolved with a simple reboot function. You can also begin the troubleshooting process for unresponsive hardware issues, including Webcam or Internet-connection problems, by initiating a system reboot.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Restart your Eee PC from the Windows desktop. In the lower left hand corner of your screen
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How to Reboot a DVR
by CyberGreg in Electronics
Attaching a DVR to your television set allows you to watch TV on your schedule, regardless of when the networks think you should watch. With a DVR you can record your favorite programs automatically so you never have to miss another episode. You can also keep your favorite episodes simply by recording them to the hard drive inside the device. But when the DVR locks up and refuses to work, you need
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How to Reboot My HTC EVO
by Liy in Electronics
If your HTC Evo has stopped responding to commands or otherwise behaves strangely, you may need to reboot the phone to continue using it. During the rebooting process, the HTC Evo turns off and back on. This closes all running applications and restarts the internal operating system. If you experience a problem with your HTC Evo, reboot it using the power button on the top of the phone.Difficulty:E
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