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I can't receive Push Notification - I receive response “Resource Id #3”
by Toetee in Programming Languages

I'm trying send push notifications, but the APNS send me this response: Resource id #3, so this mean that is missing topic, second apple documentation, right?
What is "topic"? What am I doing wrong?
I create the certificate again, but I think that it is not the problem. I don't know what is the "topic".

below is my server php:

$deviceToken =

Biztalk - can I change the receive port of an existing receive location?
by Jon Riegel in Web Design

I have two different receive ports and two receive locations - one location assigned to each port. The ports are set to receive the exact same type of file - I ended up with both because I consolidated two different applications that did the same thing.

I want to combine both locations into a single receive port, but I don't seem to be able to change the location that either belongs

Do My Children Receive Benefits if I Receive Social Security Disability?
by Tom Clark in Personal Finance
The Social Security Administration administers two disability benefit programs. Children of adults who receive Supplemental Security Income benefits do not receive benefits through their parent's disability claims. To receive Supplemental Security Income, that child must also be disabled and meet the government's income requirements. However, children may qualify for dependent disability benefits

How to make a file receive location for a two way receive port?
by OlioEngr in Web Design

I have a two way receive port with a receive location set up to use MLLP. Everything gets bound to the receive port, so I wanted to create an additional receive location that I could use to manually drop files into, so that they would get processed by send ports and orchestrations just as if data can in through MLLP. Ie, no

Is there any way you can do this, without having to upda

Best Practices? Wait until receive or raise an event on receive
by Barry in Programming Languages

First of all, I wanted to thank the community. You've been of great support lately ! Usually i don't even need to ask the questions because they're already there. Now i have an issue that's not directly related to code but programming itself.

I'm working with a FTDI Chip and C# programming a communication protocol in which a PC application acts like the Master (will send requests) a

How to Receive a Text Message When You Receive E-mail
by igv in Internet
If your business or personal life revolves around email, it is important that you receive all of your incoming emails as soon as possible. However, since a computer or Internet access may not always be available, it can be hard to know just when you need to check your email. Many of the most popular free email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo offer a feature that will send a text message to your

If I Receive Food Stamps Can I Receive TANF?
by doubledeluxe in Personal Finance
TANF stands for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. It's a program created by the government to provide very low-income families with cash to pay bills and buy necessary items, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The aim of TANF is to help families become self-sufficient, to encourage two-parent families, and to discourage pregnancy out of wedlock. TANF and Food

How to receive transfer/receive parameters in PHP and SOAP?
by Georgia in PHP

I'm new to SOAP and I stuck for 2 days now. Basically I can't 'pull' parameters from array that is passed to function. Does anyone knows why? My WSDL file is here: link

I'm trying to call function like that:

$client = new SoapClient("http://mydomain.com/EQA.wsdl",array('cache_wsdl' => WSDL_CACHE_NONE));
$data = array('SearchValue' => 'road', 'Referrer' =>

Can You Receive Survivor Benefits If You Already Receive SSI?
by scott.sizemore in Personal Finance
Social Security provides a life insurance annuity in the form of survivor benefits. You may claim survivor benefits on the death of a spouse or ex-spouse, or possibly another close relative. Supplemental Security Income provides income based on the need for the basics of life. If you receive SSI, regulations require that you apply for other programs that you might qualify for. Apply for survivor b

How to receive incoming message and receive incoming call in tropo with node and express
by Baskaran in Development Tools & Services

In my application i'm using tropo with node(express framework).If anyone call or message to my tropo number means depending upon the request i need to do some work.If someone called to that tropo number means i have to record if someone text to my tropo number means i have to reply for that message.How can i do that in single application.I tried to do that single app but it didn't work for me.P

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