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Least Recently Used cache using C++
by youtube-api in C & C++ & C#

I am trying to implement LRU Cache using C++ . I would like to know what is the best design for implementing them. I know LRU should provide find(), add an element and remove an element. The remove should remove the LRU element. what is the best ADTs to implement this
For ex: If I use a map with element as value and time counter as key I can search in O(logn) time, Inserting is O(n), delet

PHP Recently Viewed Products
by sirjoekcb in Coding

What would be the best way to write a code for recently viewed products? I use a database to create dynamic pages and thought I could store the ID number in a session or cookie and pull the image and title from the database. Although, I didn't know if this would work. I would only want it to display the last 5 items viewed and not show any duplicates. Any Ideas?

How to get recently dialled numbers
by Magic Carpet in Programming Languages

I am working on an application, where i need to fetch 5 recently dialled numbers. I am able to sort the numbers in descending order, so as the recently dialled numbers comes first. I am using the following code to fetch the recent numbers.

dialledCall = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.dialledCall);
String strOrder = CallLog.Calls.DATE + " DESC";

How to See Recently Viewed Websites
by Super56K in Internet
Internet Explorer is the default Web browser of Windows computers that allows users to surf and conduct Internet searches. The browser is configured to save each website that is visited in the history. This allows users to quickly navigate back to favorite sites without having to remember long, convoluted URLs.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Click the back "arrow" located in the upper-left corner o

How to Restore Recently Deleted
by JGKelly in Computers
The ability to recover a lost file or folder can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. Files disappear for a variety of reasons and it's not always your fault. Deleted files remain in your Recycle Bin for a short while before Windows removes them. After they are gone, you cannot retrieve them from the Recycle Bin. Other methods do exist, however, that allow you to restore dele

How to get the most recently added row from a certain table
by Cadu in Development

How to get the most recently added row from a certain table, which satisfies a certain condition.

If I use javax/persistence/Query.html#getSingleResult() we get a NonUniqueResultException if there are multiple rows satisifying the query. I need the equivalent of findOne from the list. I would prefer not to paginate by setting the rowsPerPage as 1 and then fetch the resultSet.

Selecting most recently added row
by Caveman in Databases

I have 3 entities (Orders, Items and OrderItems) with the following schema:

Orders +---------------+
+-----------+ | id (PK) | Items
| id (PK) |==<| order_id (FK) | +-------+
| createdAt | | item_id (FK) |>==| id |
+-----------+ | createdAt | | name |
| quant

What Are Some Recently Endangered Animals?
by Ingo in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Animals evolve over thousands of years into new species, only to ultimately evolve again or disappear into extinction. Although some extinction occurs naturally, others are caused by human intervention, usually through habitat destruction, causing food sources to dwindle and homes to be destroyed. As of 2008, there are over 600 animals that are in danger of disappearing -- just like dodo birds, wo

How to tell if iPhone has been synced recently
by cubeless in Mobile Programming

I'm working on an iPhone App which uses the MediaPicker to play songs from the device's iPod library. I create a playlist of songs which I save the to users preferences. Trouble is, if the user syncs their phone and removes songs which are in the stored playlist, the App crashes the next time they try to use it. So - I need a way of knowing whether the device has been synced between the last us

How to Encourage Someone Who Is Recently Single
by Matt in Relationships & Family
Someone you know has just broken up with his significant other and wants to get back in the game. However, your friend is scared of getting into a new relationship. He may even have trouble getting out of the house or hanging out with you again. You may have your work cut out for you if you want to help him, but your friend will benefit from your efforts with either a new partner or a new lease on

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