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read recursively json object recursively in android?
by Broburger in Android

I am trying to parse the following json (org.simple.json)

"Subtitle":"Vibram Fivefingers",
"Value":"Vibram Fivefingers",

How to self JOIN recursively in SQL?
by Jerome in Databases

I have a table:


A series can be a "root" series, (ParentSeriesID is 0 or null) or it can have a Parent. A series can also be several levels down, i.e. its Parent has a Parent, which has a Parent, etc.

How can I query the table to get a Series by it's ID and ALL descendant Series' ?


How to [recursively] Zip a directory in PHP?
by Matthiasa in PHP

Directory is something like:


I am using the same PHP Zip class used in PHPMyAdmin http://trac.seagullproject.org/browser/branches/0.6-bugfix/lib/other/Zip.php . I'm not sure how to zip a directory rather than just a file. Here's what

How to use a Comparator recursively?
by danil in Programming Languages

I have to rank the teams in the array "names" (below) in order of who won the most games. If two teams won the same amount of games then I have to compare the wins of the teams that beat them. The code I have so far is below.

The full problem statement is given here: http://www.cs.duke.edu/csed/newapt/tournamentrank.html

So I want to use the comparator recursively. How

itoa recursively
by LeeFlannery in Programming Languages

Ok, well i have been trying to write a recursive version of itoa, this is what i came up with.

void itoa(int n, char s[])
static int i = 0;
if(n / 10 != 0)
itoa(n/10, s);
else if(n < 0)
i = 1; /* s[0] is allready taken by - sign */
i = 0; /* reset i to 0 */
if(n < 0) {
TAGS : itoa recursively

recursively mix strings
by Alex Sadzawka in Programming Languages

I'm trying to link two string together recursively, but not getting the expected results:

For the two strings "abcd" and "xyz" - expected output should be "axbyczd":

def strr(str1, str2):
def recstr(str1, str2, prn):
if str1 == ':
return str2
if str2 == ':

How to add numbers recursively in php
by RockinZ28 in PHP

I want to add the last digit of $colnum as you see in the following. Please refer to comments in the codes.

$studentcomment = ';
$colnum="col".$col."_".$c;// this will find col1_2, col2_2, col3_2, col4_2
$colnum= $this->input->post($colnum);// this will get value from

Can I Query with XML Recursively?
by Thomas Plunkett in Databases

This might seem a bit silly, but I want to try and solve this query in one go.

I have a table in a SQL database that links back onto itself. It has an Organization ID and a Parent Organization ID. Top level orgs have a parent ID of 0, and each org at a different level has a parent org of one of the orgs above it. Level of the org used to be determined by another field in the tabl

How do I grep recursively?
by sandorski in Operating Systems

How do i recursively grep all directories and subdirectories ?

find . | xargs grep "texthere" *
TAGS : grep recursively

Get the oldest name (recursively)?
by GTech33 in Databases

I have the following file name changing log table.

ChangeNameLog(Date, OldName, NewName)
Primary key: Date, OldName

The data of the table looks like

Date OldName NewName
1/1 aaa bbb
1/2 bbb ccc
1/3 ccc bbb
1/4 bbb ddd
2/1 xx yy
2/2 yy zz

(The file name aaa was changed to bbb, and then to c

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