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What Is DVR Recycling?
by Simon Capewell in Electronics
Digital video recorders, like computers and other types of electronics, contain chemicals and other metals that can be hazardous to the environment. E-waste, as it is also referred to, must be re-used or disposed of properly at an electronic waste facility. Resources are available online to help you find the best mode of recycling in your area, and manufacturers and retailers have also taken effor
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LCD TV Recycling
by Max Derov in Home & Garden
LCD televisions use technology that makes them challenging to recycle. While electronic stores will accept these televisions for recycling, most of the parts used in LCD TVs are not reusable. SignificanceLCD television technology employs products that are hazardous to the environment. The pictures on the televisions are illuminated by a series of glass tubes that use mercury, a highly toxic va
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How Can I Do Recycling?
by Hugo in Home & Garden
Sorting your garbage for recycling will help you reduce your carbon footprint. If you're concerned about the Earth, what we take from and put back into it, recycling should be a part of your everyday life. Even if your town or city does not provide a recycling pickup service, you can find a spot in your home to store your recyclables between trips to the recycling center nearest you.Difficulty:Eas
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KPI & Recycling
by slippysoup in Business
A company or organization may use a set of KPI (key performance indicators) to see how effective it is at recycling. However, KPI is not universal and is determined by the organization that is tracking it. Balanced Scorecard SystemOne method by which to measure KPI is to use a balanced scorecard system. This outlines the measures by which an organization plans to be more eco-friendly, and can i
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How to Get a Recycling Bin
by rituraj in Business
Recycling not only protects our natural resources, it creates jobs, saves landfill space and saves energy. Every aluminum can that is recycled saves enough energy to power a television for up to three hours (See References 3). 15,000 tons of buried waste in the U.S. creates one job; recycling 15,000 tons of waste creates nine new jobs (See References 1). Get a recycling bin and help the economy
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How to Fix a Recycling Bin
by Ertaz in Computers
The recycling bin has been a fixture of the Windows operating systems since Windows 95, when the graphical user interface (GUI) was integrated with the operating system. Before files could be dragged and dropped into the recycling bin, users had to delete individual files using the command prompt utility. When the bin malfunctions, whether by not storing deleted files in a secure folder or by leav
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Art Projects Using Recycling
by acolomba in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Young kids and adults can enjoy making useful and decorative objects from recycling many things around the house. During challenging economic times, recycling is a way to save some money, use what you have on hand and make someone happy with a hand-crafted gift. Another benefit of recycling items: You will be helping the planet. FabricsIf you have a large and growing stash of fabrics you don't

Cons of Recycling
by kraszie in Food & Drink
We always hear that we should recycle to help save the planet, and everyone always explains the benefits of tossing those plastic bottles into a recycling container rather than into the trash. But no one really ever talks about the downside of recycling. While there are major benefits to reusing our waste, there are a few disadvantages as well. Cost of RecyclingThe cost of recycling is far high
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Equipment for Oil Recycling
by johntynan in Cars
Many people enjoy the cost savings and convenience of changing the oil in their gasoline- or diesel-powered equipment. At the end of the job, however, the problem of disposing of the used oil remains. The best solution is to recycle the oil. It can be re-refined and turned into motor oil once again or other oil-based products. Recycling oil is easy, prevents potential environmental issues, dimini

Barn Recycling
by wafe in Business
Over the last part of the 20th Century and into the second decade of the 21st, farms have been discontinuing operations. Abandoned barns dotting the countryside are a common site. In earlier decades, these barns may have been left to collapse and rot or been demolished and taken to landfills or covered over. Today, these old barns are seen as valuable resources for wood and are being recycled.
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