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How to redeploy the web app using the Eclipse IDE
by Stringjam in Development Tools & Services

Im new to Eclipse. I use Tomcat as my run time server, but every time I modified the jsp pages, Eclipse was still displaying the older one. Just wondering how to redeploy the application so the changes can be reflected.

Eclipse: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

Tomcat: Tomcat 6.0


reflect the changes without having to redeploy the app
by Ph33zy in Programming Languages

Even if I need to modify a single line in one of the web-page , I have to redeploy the whole project from to GAE from netbeans. This as seems is not good. Several application context variables that I use in the website (I store some light data in the application context variables through my cpanel) are lost. Is there any way I can make changes on some web pages without having to redeploy the wh

allow redeploy of the same pom file
by Jeeebus in Development Tools & Services

We have a project where I upload the artifacts to a nexus repository using ant and ivy. Things have gone smooth for a long time, but now we must deploy the same artifact twice (because we are generating the same product for windows and mac). The code of the application is the same, it just changes the packaging. I have configured the deploy process to use

EJB 3.0 TimerService redeploy
by dyarborough in Web Design

A few weeks ago we developed an EJB 3.0 TimerService to schedule some tasks on demand (when the user clicked a button, we would create the timer to perform some tasks). So far it's been working well, until today.

Yesterday we redeployed the EJB containing de TimerService to update some properties, and today no timers were fired, even though there were some created.


Redeploy tree on Glassfish 3.0.1
by Nick Durcholz in Web Design

I use Netbeans 6.9.1 and Glassfish 3.0.1. I have this model:

EnterpriseApplicationA contains EJBmoduleA and the BeanA that exposes a remote interface.
EnterpriseApplicationB contains EJBmoduleB and the BeanB.
The BeanB calls the BeanA using @EJB injection.

All is working, but if I made a trivial change in a business method of BeanA (without modifying remote interface)

Can't redeploy .WAR that uses Axis in Glassfish 3
by Mark in Programming Languages

I have a J2EE web application that instantiates an Apache Axis SOAP client proxy as a Spring bean.

When I deploy the application into a Glassfish 3 server for the first time, it succeeds. However, if I undeploy and redeploy the application, I get the following error (at the bottom of the Spring stacktrace):

Instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is

Difference in deploy and redeploy
by ioudas in Programming Languages

Could anyone please tell me, what the meaning of the word "Deploy" and "Redeploy" in context of Tomcat in the following line:

ServletConfig parameters won't change
for as long as this servlet is
deployed an running. To change them,
you'll have to redeploy the servlet

Thanks very much in advance.

How to redeploy a web service on SharePoint
by hovergirl in Web Design

I've created a test web service and successfully deployed it to SharePoint 2007. Now I actually need to put real code in the service and redeploy to the server. I've rebuilt my dll and copied it to the appropriate bin and then re-gac'ed it - same steps taken to deploy in the first place. However, when i access the services description page it will not display the new service methods that I'v

Maven gae plugin and hot redeploy
by Peter H in Development Tools & Services

Im working with maven-gae-plugin-0.9.4.jar.

I have a problem with hot redeploy while developping, in the local server.

I run mvn gae:run to start the server. I'll try to configure the plugin with a scanIntervalSeconds, as i can do in the mave-jetty-plugin, but that does'nt work. I tryed to search for a solution for days but had not luck.

I can do a workaroun

Glassfish redeploy command does not work
by Puddle Jumper in Development Tools & Services

I want to be able to redeploy my web service jar file without having to provide the path to the new file. I just want the GlassFish server (v3.1.2.2) to redeploy what's already been deployed.
But everytime I run this command

asadmin redeploy --name webServiceModuleName

it fails with the following message

"remote failure: Cannot redeploy


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