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Bison grammar (1 reduce/reduce 1 shift/reduce )
by Gold in Programming Languages

Updated ...
i know, my grammar is ambiguous but how can I rewrite this grammar to eliminate this ambiguity? ..................

I have a grammar just like this:

Bison file

%left equal nEqual
%left gre less greOrEqual lessOrEqual
%left plus sub
%left DIV mult exp mod
%left not
%left leftB rightB
S :
var "=" A "

scale and reduce colors to reduce file size of scan
by Kishore in Development Tools & Services

I need to reduce the file size of a color scan.

Up to now I think the following steps should be made:

selective blur (or similar) to reduce noise
scale to ~120dpi
reduce colors

Up to now we use convert (imagemagick) and net-ppm tools.

The scans are invoices, not photos.

Any hints appreciated.



Reduce/Reduce conflict when introducing pointers in my grammar
by Steve M in Web Design

I'm working on a small compiler in order to get a greater appreciation of the difficulties of creating one's own language. Right now I'm at the stage of adding pointer functionality to my grammar but I got a reduce/reduce conflict by doing it.

Here is a simplified version of my grammar that is compilable by bnfc. I use the happy parser generator and that's

map reduce taking very long time to reduce 26 records
by iMelnik in Databases

Here's what I'm doing:

mongos> db.campaign_raw_data_459_imp.count()
mongos> db.campaign_raw_data_459_imp.find({ts:1350585328}).count()
mongos> map = function () { emit(this.cookie, 1);}
function () {
emit(this.cookie, 1);
mongos> reduce = function (key, values) {return 1;}
function (key, values) {

How to Reduce the Humidity to Reduce Molds & Mildew Growth
by yhelothar in Home & Garden
Humidity in a home means there is too much water in the air and is usually the result of too little air flow. Humidity increases mold and dust mites, which are known allergens. In addition, bugs are drawn to moisture. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and bathing will increase the humidity in your home. Condensation appearing on your windows or glass doors is a sign of humid conditions indoors. D

Categories That Reduce Your Taxable Income and Reduce Your Tax Liability
by Timothy in Personal Finance
The Internal Revenue Service must follow certain tax laws when laying claim to different types of income. People can reduce their tax liability by converting taxable income into non-taxable income. Tax exemptions exist as non-taxable income sources that reduce a person's overall taxable income. Other areas to look at for income reductions include opting for employer benefits versus employer compen

Difference between Hadoop Map Reduce and Google Map Reduce
by cubeless in Development Tools & Services

What is the difference between Hadoop Map Reduce and Google Map Reduce?

Is it just Hadoop provides standardization for map reduce and others? what else is amongst the diff.

Is Wikipedia's explanation of Map Reduce's reduce incorrect?
by Wilson Mar in Databases

MongoDB's explanation of the reduce phase says:

The map/reduce engine may invoke reduce functions iteratively; thus,
these functions must be idempotent.

This is how I always understood reduce to work in a general map reduce environment.
Here you could sum values across N machines by reducing the values on each machine, then sending those outputs to another

Hadoop reduce become slower when there are less reduce task
by Tashi in Development Tools & Services

I am experiencing a really weird case when I am doing some performance tuning of hadoop. I was running a job with large intermediate output (like InvertedIndex or WordCount without combiner), the network and computation resources are all homogeneous. According to how mapreduce work, when there is more WAVES of reduce task, the overall run time should be slower as there is less overlap between m

Gold Parser - reduce/reduce conflict
by Skipholiday in Web Design

I'm having a problem getting rid of a reduce/reduce conflict in a grammar. I have the following rules:

<Constructor> ::= <Type> '{'<Constructor_1> '}'
| <Type> '{' '}'
<Constructor_1> ::= <SetCons> | <RecordCons> | <ArrayCons>
<SetCons> ::= <SetElt> <SetCons_1>
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